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Zoom launches OnZoom, the platform to buy and sell virtual experiences

OnZoom, Zoom platform
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Zoom has unveiled several enhancements to its virtual meeting platform at the annual Zoomtopia event. The main one is the launch of OnZoom, a platform for selling and buying digital experiences.

Zoom presented this Wednesday at its annual Zoomtopia, a new platform called zoom. Under a marketplace format, OnZoom users can sell and, of course, acquire virtual experiences.

In this way, Zoom follows in the wake of large technology companies such as Amazon, Airbnb, and Google. This has entered the world of digital experiences due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are honored and inspired by all the incredible ways the world has adapted to a literal shutdown of face-to-face events amid COVID-19,” they note from the company that runs the popular online meeting program.

“When all businessmen, entrepreneurs, and organizations of all sizes had to find a solution, in any form, to stay on track and continue serving their customers, many turned to Zoom,” they note.

At the beginning of October, Amazon presented Explore, a solution with which the Jeff Bezos giant wanted to circumvent the restrictions and rules of social distancing that the coronavirus has forced everyone to adopt.

Through live videos, Explore from Amazon offers tour guides and personal shoppers individualized sessions, city tours, cooking classes, dancing, or photography, with a price range between 10 and 130 euros. Unfortunately, explore is currently only available to US customers.

Along with Amazon, Airbnb also explored digital experiences like travel tours to find new avenues of connection with “guests.”

Zoom, the platform, will be an extension of the popular virtual meeting application. “It is a comprehensive solution for paying users to create, organize and monetize events,” stands out from the company led by CEO Eric Yuan.

With this new solution, the platform can manage the programming. And the organization of events with between 100 and 1,000 attendees, selling tickets, and paying by PayPal or card, give access to friends or family. And even make native donations to non-profit organizations by selling these tickets.

Among the first associates of OnZoom, the company has highlighted three: WW. A company that organizes workshops to give tips on healthy living; Life Rolls On, surf and skate workshops adapted for people with disabilities; and Beautiful Destinations, a firm that partners with tourism companies to navigate “the new world of travel.”

The Zoom platform is still working on its cybersecurity

2020 has been the year of the coronavirus but also of Zoom. The platform invoiced in the second quarter of this fiscal year more than everything it invoiced last year. Its user base grew exponentially, from 10 million last year’s end to more than 300 million daily users in 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic, the jump to remote work, and remote professional. And social meetings forced many users to adopt new ways of communicating from home. Zoom knew how to take advantage of the tessitura.

However, it also had difficult times when media headlines worldwide reported vulnerabilities in the platform on all types of devices or unauthorized access by thugs to school sessions.

Zoom tried to solve many of these problems with a quarterly plan that began in April and involved de facto. The acquisition of Keybase, a company specializing in encrypted communications.

In this Zoomtopia that takes place this Wednesday and this Thursday, OnZoom has also presented new end-to-end encryption.

The company’s CEO, Eric Yuan, had acknowledged knowing what many know as “fatigue for Zoom.” So when one day in April came to have to face 19 meetings in a row; for this reason, the firm has also announced solutions on its platform to improve jumps from one session to another “with a single click.”

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