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YouTube Shorts, YouTube Counterattack To TikTok

YouTube Shorts

TikTok has set the trend, with other social networks and entertainment platforms joining the style of standing videos to compete with the Chinese program. YouTube Advertises Shorts.

Social networks are updating themselves and exploring new formats to attract users. Great final version with TikTok short and still videos; everyone wants to succeed in this app.

First, it was Instagram and Reels, and now YouTube is joining. The video giant will begin launching a beta version in India. Following this test, it will be distributed worldwide in the official version. They attempt to compete directly with TikTok, and the furor sparked by their application.

Like this app, YouTube Short lets you share static videos for 15 seconds. These videos will appear on the home page in a sequence dedicated to Shorts, in the same way, that it already has a very similar section to Instagram news.

Based on what they saw in the statement they published on their blog, the videos will have the opportunity to include music. In addition, YouTube will provide up to 100,000 tracks and works with artists and publishers to have more catalog-linked content.

It doesn’t seem like they currently have many editing options, which TikTok has. In the Chinese social network, Oracle, video effects, blending techniques, and Thumbnails can be installed to give users more art.

No exact date is known for launching YouTube Shorts worldwide. However, Google will try to get all its users to use this new feature; it’s 2000 million monthly users and creators. To do this, they will add creative icons to the platform for easy access. “We will continue to innovate in all format sizes, including concise format videos,” chief executive Susan Wojcicki told NBC.

When a YouTube video is too long, navigating to another location can be difficult if you don’t remember the exact moment.

To make this task much more accessible, the platform has introduced Chapters, a new feature that allows creators to split the content into episodes. This was announced by Google in an official statement, explaining what the new feature is.

As Mountain Viewers explain, this is a new feature of choice for creators. It allows them to create timestamps with themes to categorize your content into different categories, displayed in a timeline separately.

Using YouTube chapters is very easy for creators: all they have to do is make sure the first time stamp starts at 0:00 of the video and that the content consists of at least three chapters with 10 seconds or more.

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