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Youtube is renewed on your mobile with more gestures, chapters, and other news

Youtube is renewed
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These are the main news that YouTube users will find after the deployment of the new update. New gestures, configuration changes, and much more.

YouTube usually presents something new from time to time. Although this time, the changes will go less unnoticed. With the latest update, the youtube mobile application was renewed with more than five essential changes.

Renewed youtube features may take time to reach all users. This Monday, October 26, the rollout will be announced for all countries. But updates like these usually take several days to be available to the total user population. As the days go by, we will find these changes.

Within the update, we find changes in the subtitles configuration—new ways to advance a video using chapters or dissect the content in different parts. Also impressive is the latest gesture that allows you to expand to full screen faster.

Rotate screen

Two new functions respond to the need to rotate the screen and enlarge the video faster. Most mobiles currently enlarge the video to full screen if we turn the device. Or if we press the full-screen symbol in one of the corners of the content.

As per the update, there will now be two other new options. The first indicates with an overlay message the opportunity to rotate and expand the content. A small button in the middle of the vertical screen says “Rotate” to remind you that you can turn and view the content more.

The second novelty is a new gesture. We can pass the content with two taps to the right and left. Now we can direct the video to rotate and enlarge the entire screen. As you can see in the GIF that YouTube has published in its statement.

Autoplay and subtitles

Some icons change places, like the option to turn autoplay on and off. This function allows us to watch one youtube video after another without choosing them. Or see a list of contents without interruptions.

Instead of being below the content, the button is now positioned at the top of the screen. And other features, such as subtitles, have also been revamped. In this GIF, we see they go from being inside the hidden settings menu to being among the main options. Its use has increased recently, promoting this function to the forefront.

Chapters of a Youtube video

As the content of YouTube has grown, it is possible to watch longer videos with more content. So now we find videos of more than an hour, and browsing them can be a nightmare. Hence the company created this feature.

They announced youtube’s new features months ago. But until now, it was not available to everyone. So, for example, longer videos can divide into chapters so that each section can search more. And thus, not see the entire content.

These are the main novelties that come with the new update, including seeing the remaining or elapsed video. YouTube lets us choose the possibility we like the most. Also, to program a sleep schedule so that the application reminds us. So that we must sleep and stay up all night without resting, we have already seen this last function long ago.

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