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YouTube will allow you to set the default video quality

youtube video quality
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YouTube is testing a new feature so that users can set the default video quality on their mobile, tablet, computer, and other devices.

Suppose you are unaware of adjusting the streaming quality while away from home. If and do not have a WiFi connection, watching YouTube videos can significantly consume your rate data. Due to this reason, you must look at the quality of the videos before they are played. As otherwise, you may be in for a nasty surprise.

If you didn’t know, YouTube adjusts the video stream’s quality by default according to your viewing conditions. As Google explains on the help page, to determine your default quality, the platform considers your connection speed. The size of the video player or screen and the quality of the original video that was uploaded.

Due to this, the videos you see on your mobile may be reproduced with high quality, with the consequent expense of your rate data.

To avoid this problem, YouTube is starting to test a new feature. That allows users to set the default video quality to their liking. This feature was first discovered last March by XDA Developers. And is now in beta and is starting to reach some people, as confirmed by Android Police.

As shown in the screenshots, some users already know the option Video quality preferences (BETA) option. It is possible to adjust the streaming quality depending on whether we are connected to a mobile network or WiFi.

youtube video quality
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It is a feature in the testing phase, so we will have to wait and watch it in the app’s mature version for all users.

Apart from this, YouTube simplifies the video stream quality selection to make it easier for everyone to understand. Thus, instead of the usual resolution data (1080p, 720p, etc.). It will soon show others more comfortable understanding: Automatic, High Image Quality, Data Saver, and Advanced. This feature is also not available to everyone and will be coming soon.

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