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YouTube is going to develop a new tool that will divide the videos into chapters

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YouTube content is extensive and varied, and it is the most popular streaming platform and the first one that users use to consume music, entertainment, or any other topic that is of interest to them. Google updates this platform regularly to add the latest tools; this time, we have learned that it is testing a new way of enjoying longer content, in the form of ‘chapters.’ YouTube applies this tool to all youtube content creator.

Still, It is in the testing phase, as we have read in Android Police. The technology giant is developing a video chapter functionality for YouTube. A new tool to divide the multimedia content into different sections, depending on the theme in question. Each one of them. The objective is to facilitate the jump of the topics, users are most interested in the same file or to visualize a specific part.

Only some users have been able to use this new tool. Since, at the moment, it is only available in a few videos until YouTube begins to enable it for everyone. In any case, the creators of the videos should be the ones who add the cuts or chapters they deem necessary.

In case YouTube applies this tool to all youtube content creator who wants to add them to their videos, it could be of great help to many users. Especially in great content where you are looking for a specific part and not want to see the entire video. It is a function in the testing phase, so it has only seen in some videos.

At the bottom of the player is where chapters or timestamps differ, as we have commented, only in some videos. It supposes an extra work for the youtube content creator of audiovisual content. Since it is up to them to select the division of the sections based on the topics covered. It will not be YouTube’s job to carry out this classification.

On the other hand, the company is testing trials of functions that have comments about the videos. And it is about moving the comments. So that we can view videos and also read the comments without scrolling through the page. It will initially display three comments and offer an option to continue learning while the video continues to play.

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