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This Xiaomi thermometer on sale is ideal for taking children’s temperatures back to school

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Infrared thermometers have become very popular because they are fast and do not require contact. This Xiaomi model, called iHealth, has a discount.

When returning to school, keeping track of the children’s temperature is essential. Luckily today, those mercury thermometers that were annoying to use and required a 5-minute wait have gone down in history. Today, modern infrared thermometers measure the temperature in seconds, and it is not even necessary to touch the skin.

One of the most popular thermometers is the Xiaomi iHealth, an infrared thermometer with a 10% discount and costs only 24 euros in AliExpress, with shipping in 24 hours (although after that, it depends on how long it will take to arrive).

With products like this, you can’t wait for Black Friday, and you have to take advantage of the offers, especially if we have children or students who are going to start classes this September.

The Xiaomi iHealth is a clinical infrared thermometer used to measure the temperature on the forehead. It allows us to measure without contact with the skin. So it is hygienic and suitable for the whole family’s temperature.

The measurement distance is 2-3 centimeters, and the measurement time is shortened to 1 second. The error rate is 0.2 degrees. It works with two simple AAA batteries.

Like all infrared thermometers, light or ambient temperature affect the measurements. The temperature should always be taken in the same light and heat conditions. It is a suitable thermometer to measure temperature (suddenly higher than usual) rather than the precise temperature.

It would be time to remove the skin-contact thermometers, as mercury thermometers have never been made. And therefore, there is nothing better than non-contact contact thermometers.

Its sensor can measure body temperature and frequency on the forehead from 1 to 5 centimeters away using infrared. They are very effective and have been used for years in some areas, such as construction or cooking.

These infrared thermometers have become Amazon’s flagship product, and demand is starting to rise in price. That’s why they offer you some of the cheapest and least expensive thermometers you can get right now.

These thermometers can be found on Amazon for free and fast shipping if you are a Premier. You can try it for free of cost for 30 days without obligation and up to 3 months free if you are a university student.

Suppose you want to compare these prices with other products in different stores. Then, we recommend that you look at the Idealo comparison.

If you are interested, the Xiaomi iHealth contactless infrared thermometer has a 10% discount. And costs only 24 euros on AliExpress.

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