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Xbox Series S is official: it will cost 299 euros and will be the entry console to the new generation

Xbox Series

The arrival of two new Xbox Series this year is official. Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s top-of-the-range product, but in addition to that console compatible with 4K, 120 fps game, and ray tracing, those from Redmond will launch an Xbox Series S that already has a price. And it is a strange movement.

Update – The Xbox Series S announcement has been somewhat hasty. When writing the original story, we had no details of the new Microsoft console. However, now they have published a trailer where we can see what was leaked has been fulfilled.

Thus, Microsoft has confirmed that it is a machine that shares elements with Xbox Series X. Such as the new generation architecture with SSD and a CPU better than that of Xbox One X. But with a GPU that remains at 1,400p120. Hz instead of the Xbox Series X 8K120. You can see this in this video.

That is, it is an Xbox Series X, according to these characteristics, designed for users who do not have a 4K screen at home. But who wants to enjoy the improvements in a system with SSD? With hardware ray tracing and games with parameters of next-generation graphics.

We will leave you the trailer and update the price since Xbox Spain has confirmed that it will be launched in our country for 299 euros.

Notice original – A few hrs ago, we told you that the price and departure date of both Xbox Series X. And the rumored Xbox Series S had been leaked: 499 euros for the first and 299 euros for the second. With a launch scheduled for 10 November.

We have been living for months with rumors of Microsoft’s ‘modest’ new generation console to move games to 1,080p. Supposedly, but sharing architecture with Series X. Now, finally, it is official.

And is that Microsoft has been quick and has confirmed that Xbox Series S exists and that it will cost $ 299.

The Xbox Series S confirmation is a strange move. On the one hand, everything pointed to a more modest model of the new generation of Microsoft with an architecture similar to Xbox Series X (sharing processor and SSD). But with a less powerful GPU that would be responsible for moving games to 1,080p and would not have a reader of Blu-Ray. Something that is confirmed by its design.

On the other hand, in all Microsoft events in recent months, at no time have clues been left about the console. So everything we “knew” about it was based on leaks that, no matter how reliable, they were still that, leaks.

After the Xbox Series X and Series S price leak perpetrated by Windows Central, it seems that Microsoft has been forced to move a tab with the first details of the Xbox Series S.

Of course, they have only confirmed the price and have mentioned that it will have a “new generation performance in the smallest Xbox ever made.” We shall see what they want to prove by that phrase, and, above all, we will see if this precipitates the rumored September event in which we will have details of both this console and Xbox Series X.

And, for the domino effect, this should also cause Sony to make its move with details on the date and price of the PS5.

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