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wondershare uniconverter

Managing video files is not always comfortable with so many devices that can be played or with which high-quality videos can be created. Wondershare UniConverter puts a powerful toolbox at your fingertips with which you can do everything you need with your videos without having to learn to use various programs.

Video is a direct and dynamic communication format. That is why its use has grown like foam in recent years.

However, this growth has also gone hand in hand with different needs for further use, among which we find the need to edit the various clips to form a single video, convert the other video formats of the cameras to make them compatible, or compress your videos to move around social networks and make them viral.

Typically, each of these uses would require a specific tool to do the job, so you would have to practice using each one. Thanks to Wondershare UniConverter, the whole process is simplified because, from a single application, you can straightforwardly cover all these functions.

Wondershare UniConverter – An Easy-to-Use All-in-One Tool

Wondershare UniConverter facilitates the most common video tasks entirely and without complicating you with several different applications. Using it is accessible to downloading it from its website and installing it on your computer.

UniConverter is compatible with Windows and macOS systems and requires a user license to work, but you can use it for free during a trial period to see for yourself how easy it is to use its tools.

During the wondershare installation wizard, select the appropriate language, and in just a few minutes, you will be working with your videos.

wondershare uniconverter

Wondershare UniConverter’s interface is straightforward to use. All available tools are grouped in the side panel. Just click on one of them and drag or import the video files you will work with.

Wondershare UniConverter allows you to work in batches, so if, for example, you have to convert or compress several videos to the same format, you will only have to select them all and configure it only once so that this setting applies to all. That is efficiency and productivity!

wondershare uniconverter

Each section of Wondershare UniConverter has its specific controls and functions. Still, they all have many common elements. So it is much easier to use than learning how different programs from different developers work. These are the advantages of using a toolbox as complete as UniConverter.

Wondershare UniConverter allows you to take better advantage of your computer’s potential by using both the processor and the graphics card to simultaneously process several videos and convert them up to 30 times faster.

Edit videos like a pro in the simplest way

Editing videos is one of the most common actions when working with video files and one of the most headaches for inexperienced users.

Most video editors are complex to use. That is one reason that led the creators of UniConverter to integrate a video editor that anyone can use without prior technical knowledge.

Thanks to the intuitive controls of UniConverter, you can cut the length of the videos. Trim their size to reframe the shot or give them a more cinematic aesthetic by applying preset color effects.

Plus, you can add watermarks, subtitles, or adjust video volume with just a couple of clicks—easy, fast, and professional results.

Convert videos, audios, and photos to any format with UniConverter

Another of the everyday tasks that occur when managing videos is to convert the videos’ file formats to use them in other programs or devices.

Sometimes this incompatibility occurs when trying to use a video file generated by a camera or smartphone. That uses a format that is not compatible with the editor or the media player of your computer. So you will not be able to use it unless you change the format.

That is what Wondershare UniConverter takes care of, and it does it with fantastic ease. Add the videos you need to convert to the UniConverter window and select the format you want to convert them. No mess or technical setups incomprehensible to most mortals.

The program allows converting between different video formats and between video and audio formats. Extract the audio from a video, or convert the video to an output format with the proportion. And specific characteristics for different mobile devices. Such as tablets, smartphones, consoles, etc.

All this with just a couple of clicks and the possibility of carrying out the same conversion on different videos simultaneously. Saving a lot of time and reducing the risk of errors during configuration.

The UniConverter conversion goes far beyond video. You can also convert audio formats and even image formats to others that are compatible with your devices.

Reduce the weight of your videos and make them viral

We are currently facing a significant dilemma. We take advantage of the new video formats’ maximum quality in 8K and 4K, generating huge video files. Some of that quality sacrificed with lighter formats, which can be shared on social media without much data consumption space.

The UniConverter multitool supports over 1,000 video formats that you can compress to weigh less while maintaining the highest possible quality.

You can customize the degree and compression options to suit your needs. Best of all, thanks to UniConverter’s advanced estimation algorithms. You won’t need to render the video to know the final weight or quality.

You will know it right when you modify the file size, the bit rate, the resolution, or the format. And thus, you will not waste time with test renderings.

Your UniConverter tools also in the online version

As you have already seen, UniConverter offers video creators and users all kinds of tools, which are easier to use.

The computer you use regularly may not always be on hand. However, even in those cases, you can continue using Online UniConverter. The online version of the apps that allows you to carry out the program’s main functions from the cloud and access it from the Internet.

If you haven’t tried Wondershare UniConverter yet, don’t wait any longer. And download the application now to experience the efficiency of this powerful all-in-one video toolbox.

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