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Wise Data Recovery Reviews

wise data recovery reviews

Wise Data Recovery is a great free way to recover deleted files. But, if you have a damaged hard drive, you will get a lot of bang for your money from other data recovery tools. Our reviews on intelligent data recovery software will help you make a decision.

The Good

  •     It’s free to find recently deleted files.
  •     Works with many types of files and Windows file systems

The Worst

  •     Pro registration has a specific value.
  •     It does not support exFAT file systems for Mac users.

If you are looking for the top data recovery software, you should see Wise Data Recovery. This software allows you to recover various deleted files for free. And help recover your files after a hard drive crash or reconfiguration. While designed for Windows, you can also use Wise Data Recovery on Mac using WinPE.

So, is this the right tool to recover your data? Our smart data recovery reviews will help you make a decision.

Wise Data Recovery: Systems and Prices

Smart Data Recovery is free to use if you are trying to recover recently deleted files. But, if you need a deep scan to retrieve data from a hard drive, formatted, or damaged hard drive. You will need to buy a Pro license. The package costs $ 44.96 per month or $ 67.46 per year per computer. With paid subscriptions, you also get premium tech support.

Wise Data Recovery: Features

The first reason to choose Wise Data Recovery is to make file recovery flexible. The software can retrieve thousands of files. Including almost every standard document, image, and video. It may also save email files and zip folder archives. And achievements for permanent removal.

Windows users do not have to worry about compatibility with most file systems on partitioned hard disks. Wise Data Recovery works on FAT, NTFS, HFS, & EXT file systems. However, Mac users can get into big trouble because the software doesn’t work with exFAT system files.

Wise Data Recovery offers two scanning options: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick Scan is high-speed and may recover recently deleted files. Deep Scan, but takes longer and is more likely to retrieve files from formatted or damaged drives.

Wise Data Recovery: Client and client setup

Setting up Wise Data Recovery for data recovery on the hard drive is quick and easy. First, download and install the software on a clean hard drive, which is ready to operate. If your system’s boot drive is damaged. You can install the software on a USB flash drive on an active computer and transfer it to a damaged computer.

The user interface is the latest and easy to use. It will detect all hard drives connected. First, how to recover deleted files, you need to choose between Quick Scan and Deep Scan. The recovered files are displayed in standard table format. You can edit the results by file size or design or use the keyword search tool to find specific files.

Wise Data Recovery: Performance

Smart Recovery is fast and does a great job of retrieving files. We tested the software on a 107 GB SSD. Quick Scan was completed in about 18 seconds, while Deep Scan took about 7.5 minutes.

This hard drive was not damaged, so Quick Scan was enough to find all the reuse bin files. But, Deep Scan extracted a folder of multimedia files and TIF images before being removed from the reuse bin, but they were not deleted from the drive.

Wise Data Recovery: Efficiency

We found the most splendid about Wise Data Recovery. Because the software kept a low profile even when performing a Deep Scan. The software has never used more than 20% of our computer’s processing power. And memory usage has reached about 450 MB. That is a great addition. It ensures that you can use this software even on computers with vast memory and run damage problems.

The main thing we would like to see is the estimated time left for each Scan. If you are using a deep scan for the first time, there is no way to know if it will take a least five minutes or an hour.

Wise Data Recovery: Support

Wise Data Recovery support is only available via email. The support team is there 24/7, but it takes a while to get feedback, depending on whether you are using free software or paying for Pro registration. Free users can wait up to three days, and Pro users can expect a response within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, there are few Wise Data Recovery documents online. The website includes a brief section of the FAQs, but we do not detail how to solve the software problem.

A Final Decision

Wise Recovery is a great file recovery option if your main goal is to keep deleted files. It works on almost every standard file type and Windows file system. Although Mac users may experience problems as exFAT file systems are not supported. Wise Data Recovery is easy to use, though that can be frustrating if you can’t find the files you want to recover. Smart data recovery reviews show that this software is worth purchasing.


Wise Data Recovery can also recover files from damaged or formatted hard drives. But there is only one Deep Scan level available and few more details. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro offers another data recovery software. That includes many options for retrieving buried data from a formatted hard drive. Although more expensive than Wise Data Recovery Pro for one month or one-year subscription. EaseUS offers a lifetime subscription for $ 149.95.

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