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The Windows 10 hacks you are most interested in

It is possible to take decades to use Windows and continue to ignore some tricks, hacks, and hidden functions of Windows 10.

These are some of the best and most useful Windows10 hacks you are most interested in knowing. Windows is, by far, the most widely used desktop operating system worldwide.

According to StatCounter Global Stats data, in August 2019, the Windows market share was 78.32%, followed very closely by OS X with 13.22%.

However, still, many people do not know how to use it to its full extent. It is very likely that, after using it for decades, you do not even know many sound Windows 10 hacks, tricks, and hidden functions.

That will facilitate your daily use. Here are some of the proper Windows 10 hacks and tricks that interest you the most.

Windows 10 picked up the witness from its predecessors and has not stopped evolving to offer valuable features for its users.

The problem is that on more occasions than we would like, these functions are eclipsed by others with each new update.

For this reason, we recommend keeping your computer updated to the latest version of Windows to enjoy all the hidden functions and hacks that we show you in this selection.

The 11 Windows 10 hacks you are most interested in

  • Let Windows take out the trash
  • Use the extended Windows 10 clipboard
  • Add a program to the context menu
  • God mode in Windows 10
  • Access the hidden start menu of Windows 10
  • Help a friend with problems
  • Change the position of the external screens
  • Print to PDF from Windows without installing anything
  • Run Linux inside Windows
  • Experience without risks in an isolated environment
  • Compress the installation of Windows 10

Let Windows take out the trash

windows 10 hacks and tricks

While SSD disks offer many advantages, such as improving performance, computers can function faster. The truth about this is that they also have drawbacks, especially the reduction of the storage capacity of machines.

Windows 10 has dramatically improved disk space management. They allow you to automate routine tasks such as emptying the trash or deleting temporary files to free up valuable space on the disk.

You can activate it from the Settings panel by pressing the Windows key and typing Delete temporary files.

It will take you to the Storage Sensor section that allows you to delete temporary files and empty the Recycle Bin. Automatically it will delete files in the Downloads folder.

Use the extended Windows 10 clipboard.

windows 10 hacks and tricks

One of the most valuable functions of Windows is the clipboard, which is as old as the operating system itself. Despite being very practical.

The feature also has drawbacks: it only allows you to save a record loaded in the clipboard, so you can only paste the last entry you have copied.

Microsoft has solved this problem by creating Clipboard History. A function that allows you to extend the clipboard’s memory so that you can copy several entries and then choose which one to paste.

Activate it from the Settings panel. Press the Windows key for this purpose and type Clipboard Settings.

It will take you to the Clipboard section and allow you to activate the Clipboard History switch.

You can copy several texts, and to select which one to paste, use the Windows + V shortcut instead of CTRL + V to paste text. It will show a box where you can choose which book you want to stick to.

These are one of the proper Windows 10 hacks or tricks you will be interested in knowing.

Add a program to the context menu.

windows 10 hacks and tricks

The contextual menu appears when you click the right button on the mouse. A list shows different options depending on where you are or the type of file you select.

Some applications may insert functions to this quick access menu, but what if you need to access a program from here directly? For example, we will enter a shortcut to Notepad in that context menu.

To achieve this, locate the Windows Registry Editor by pressing the Windows key and typing Regedit.

Once in the Registry Editor, follow the path HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ Background \ shell and right-click on it to create a new Notepad key.

Within this key, it creates a second Command key. And finally, it modifies the Default key that was automatically created in Command, indicating the Value information parameter as notepad.exe, which corresponds to the Notepad executable.

You add a shortcut to any program by changing the Value Information parameter for the full path to the executable of your chosen plan.

God mode in Windows 10

Have you ever wanted to control all the functions of Windows 10? To do so, you need to activate God Mode, and you will have access even to advanced Windows functions.

To access this mode, you must create an exceptional folder containing access to all Windows functions. You can make this folder on the Desktop by right-clicking on any blank space and choosing New and Folder.

Rename the new folder with this name: God Mode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Having created this folder, it has already activated the God mode. Upon accessing its interior, you will find shortcuts to the main system configurations without getting lost in endless menus full of options.

In this folder, all settings are visible and sorted.

Activating the God Mode of Windows 10 is one of the best hacks you can use in Windows, as it gives you access to any Windows function with just one click.

Access the hidden start menu of Windows 10

We all know that, by clicking on the Windows icon, the always controversial Windows Start menu appears in the left corner of the lower side of the screen.

And why do we say it is controversial? Because after decades in that position, Microsoft decided to do without it in Windows 8, to bring it back reluctantly in Windows 8.1.

The arrival of Windows 10 meant the return of the missed Start menu, but it did so with significant improvements in inaccessibility.

Help a friend with problems.

The unknown function we offer below is one of the most useful of Windows 10. If your family usually comes to you when something fails on your computer or they do not know how to do something in Windows 10.

This is the Quick Assist feature, a remote desktop form that allows you to take complete control of a remote computer or view its screen to help who is on the other side.

Change the position of the screens.

Do you use a laptop with Windows 10? If the answer is yes, then it is very likely that you have connected it to an external screen to expand your desk space and work more comfortably.

When doing this, place the laptop on the monitor’s side and in front. This position makes it not always natural to pass the windows from one screen to another that are not perfectly aligned.

To achieve a more natural movement between screens, placing them in the same position they occupy concerning you is best.

Print to PDF from Windows without installing anything

windows 10 hacks and tricks

The PDF format has many advantages, especially in terms of compatibility. Since it is possible to open and view the files on virtually any device.

For this reason, converting a document, a photo, or a web page into PDF format is one of the most common tasks you can face today.

The bad thing is that you may not always have the tools you need, nor do they need you. Windows 10 can convert any document or photo into a PDF without installing anything.

Run Linux inside Windows

windows 10 hacks and tricks

The most purist followers of the GNU / Linux distros have likely torn their clothes to discover that Windows 10 now allows you to run a Linux environment.

And download the different distros from the Windows application store itself.

To run Linux, it will be necessary to prepare Windows by activating the required components. Press the Windows key and start typing Activate or deactivate the Windows features.

Experience without risks in an isolated environment

windows 10 hacks and tricks

Another of the Windows 10 hacks allows you to run a virtualized Windows 10 within your Windows 10.

And what can virtualize my Windows? Well, the answer is straightforward. When virtualizing a Windows environment, everything that happens there remains isolated. And will not affect your “real” Windows installation at all.

It will make a perfect test environment to test files that you have downloaded from an unreliable server. To test configurations before applying them permanently to your existing system.

Or to run programs that you will only use once. It prevents your installation from Windows is “dirty” with temporary and setup files.

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