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Windows 10 fails to defeat Windows 7, which is still more alive than ever

Windows 7
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The latest information on the app sharing market leaves some amazing data: Windows 7 is growing, Linux is crumbling, and Windows XP continues to be an exciting presence.

The app market is the most challenging thing to understand. Microsoft undoubtedly explains why a large group of users continue to use older operating systems. Such as Windows XP or Windows 7, even improving their market share last month.

Windows 7 is an example of how the user community decides whether an app is dead—not told by the company when it stops providing security updates. And the fact that even though Windows 7 has no support for security updates since January this year. It improved its market share last month to the detriment of Linux following a declining trend.

Since Windows 10 has proven to be a primary operating system. Although, with some problems with updates, its market growth is not entirely rapid. Since its launch on July 29, 2015, it is widely considered that it currently exists in 61.26% of groups.

Slow growth and adoption in Windows 10 are due to applications. Such as Windows 7 still holding a large market share. Especially in emerging markets. However, Win 7 is to be commended, as its share increased from 22.31% in August to 22.71% in September. Similar to that of Windows 10.

Windows 7
Image by – windowslatest.com

Data published by NetMarketShare reveals that Windows 7 is not resistant to death. But is slowly improving its allocation over the past 30 days. It shows that the system has lost only 2% of its market share from January to September. Windows 7 was available in January with 25.56% of computers and is now available at 22.71%.

Of particular concern is the collapse of Linux, which, although it was improving with the onset of the epidemic. Now that many companies are returning to face-to-face work, is losing value in favor of Windows 10. Linux currently exists on 1.14% of computers, compared to 2.33% in August.

It might be noted that Windows XP still exists, and as of September 2020, it still has a market share of 0.78%. And that thousands of devices still use it.

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