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Microsoft has broken Windows Antivirus in its latest update

windows 10 defender update

No wonder automatic windows ten defender updates are problematic, and one has arrived in the last two days that has caused a conflict with Windows 10 Defender. If we use antivirus for anything, it is to neglect ourselves and feel that we are always protected. However, this update has stopped scanning on many computers.
Among the various updates that have been arriving, this problem has been found in the so-called Security Intelligence 1.313.1638.0.

When trying to run a scan with the antivirus, the error warnings are that the threat service has stopped or that there has been an unexpected problem without further details. It asks to restart the computer or try again after such an analysis is blocked. The impossibility of carrying out research forces users to trust the state of the equipment and the information that arrives or to look for other alternatives.

But since Windows Latest, they have found a solution. Microsoft is aware of the problem, so it is most likely that another Windows ten defender update will arrive soon with the problem solved. Antivirus is not a minor issue and is one of the most used tools in Windows 10. To solve it, you must enter the Event Viewer, click on the Application and Services Registry, and then Microsoft.

windows 10 defender update
Once inside, you must enter Windows, point to Windows Defender, and choose the Operational option. As it appears in the image, you will see the errors suffered there.

Automatic updates to Windows 10 are not a tasteful dish for anyone, but they are necessary. This operating system has the most extensive repertoire of viruses of all kinds. Due to this reason, it is essential to keep it up-to-date to correct all the vulnerabilities that arise.
The same goes for your default antivirus database. As in third-party programs, you are updating Windows Defender allows you to maintain a complete database to detect penultimate threats to the security of your PC. It recommended updating it at least once a week. You can enter Windows Defender in the search bar next to Start. Once the application is open, go to the Update tab to see if any new version is available.

If you have had this problem, it will include one with the “Lock exception code 0xc00000005”. Click on it to see the file’s name, which will have a colon. You must go to the data and delete the extra point in the title or delete that file. Once changed, you will be able to analyze the equipment. But if you can wait, the chances are that a new update will arrive later today to fix this problem.

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