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How to Clear All Cache in Windows 10

The cache is used to improve the system’s speed and performance. You can increase the performance of the system while using the system by using cache memory. In a few cases, the cache goes damaged or complete, then what to do in that case? Because the damaged store makes your system slow and also makes you aggressive. Because the computer is always the first process in the cache file, it will process your command. And it takes too much time. We will tell you what to do and what not to do in that case. Wisesofttech.com will provide you with accessible, authentic, and efficient ways to clear the cache of windows ten

Most of the websites provide a way to clean the system cache. But these processes are very difficult or unauthentic. You have to clear all the cache memory from your system. You must follow the steps below for the windows ten store cleaner process.

  1. Windows 10 Update Cache
  2. Windows Store Cache
  3. Temporary Files Cache
  4. Browser Cache (Edge, Chrome, Firefox)
  5. Thumbnail Cache
  6. Icon Cache
  7. System Restores Cache

These 7 points of the windows ten cache cleaner process will make your system fast. After implementing all these processes, your system is performing very fast. These rules give below to create your system fast.

Windows 10 Update Cache

windows 10 cache cleaner

First of all, you have to delete the windows ten updated cache. The updated cache constantly interrupts the processing of the given command of the user. Once you install all these rules and steps, you will see that the performance of the systems drives is much better than the recent performance. The performance of the system will increase.

  • First of all, go to the PC
  • Then open the C drive of your system.
  • Now Double click on the Windows
  • Then click on the SoftwareDistribiution.
  • Then uncheck the box of the hidden file.
  • We will see the Download folder.
  • Just delete all the files in this folder

Windows Store Cache

To remove the app store cache of the windows ten system. After clearing the app store cache, you must follow our easy and efficient method. Then, your app store will perform very fast. It is essential to clear this cache because it impacts the system’s app.

  • First of all, press the “window button + R.”
  • A small box will appear on the bottom left of your screen.
  • After this, you must paste the key “WSReset.exe” over there.
  • Then another black box will appear. You don’t have to do anything
  • This black box will automatically remove all the cache.
  • When all cache removes, it will automatically close.

Windows Temporary Files Cache

A bug amount of temporary files is always placed in your system. These briefs also create interruptions while processing the method. But you have to delete these files from your system. Because of these files, nothing has been done in your system. And if you want to delete these files to make your system speedy. Then the process of temporary file cache deletes is given below.

  • Click on the start menu.
  • Open the “Disk Cleanup”
  • A small box will appear on the screen
  • Then it will ask which drive you want to clean
  • You have to Press OK will C drive
  • Then it will take time to clean
  • After this, you will see another box that will appear. You have to choose “Download file.” And “Internet” check these boxes.
  • Then click on OK.
  • After this, it will finally clean your temporary files in the cache

Windows Browser Cache (Edge, Chrome, Firefox)

windows 10 cache cleaner process

Clearing browser cache is one of the best cleaning caches. After cleaning this cache, your system performs very well. It affects the entire system, all drives, files and folders, and browsers. We are providing the simplest method to clean the browser cache. We prefer you clean this cache to make your system fast and efficient. Follow the rules given below.

  • Go to start menu
  • Now type “Internet Options.”
  • Now you have to wait for a few seconds.
  • Then you have to press the delete button to delete the complete data of your browsing history.
  • Now click on the OK button to finish this process.

Windows Thumbnail Cache

The windows thumbnail cache affects all the drives of the windows. After removing this, you will see that all your campaigns perform very well. Sometimes we can see that drives of the system take time to open. After Clear Cache, the performance of this very increases.

  • Open start menu
  • Now open file explorer
  • Then show the hidden file
  • Then open the C drive
  • Now click on “User.”
  • Now open the “username” folder
  • Then open “AppData.”
  • Click on the “Local”
  • Click on the “Microsoft”
  • Then click on “Windows.”
  • Now click on “Explorer.”
  • After opening this, select all the files and press” shift + Delete.”

Windows Icon Cache

windows 10 cache cleaner process

Windows icon cache is also another significant interruption while processing. It decreases the performance of the cache. If you want to increase the performance of windows 10, follow these rules to clear the cache.

  • First of all, open the C drive
  • Then click on “users.”
  • Now click on your windows name
  • Open “AppData”
  • Now open “Local.’
  • Now delete all the files in this location.
  • After deleting all the files, just restart your system.

Windows System Restores Cache

windows 10 cache cleaner process

The deleting benefits of the restore cache are deleted by all your system’s new and old files. Sometimes if you delete any file from your system, it is still saved in your recycle. After implementing this process, your restore cache will remove all the places from your system.

  • Go to the menu
  • Then type “system.”
  • Now go to “System Protection.”
  • Then select “system drive.”
  • Then you have to click on the “configure
  • After this, just click on “Delete.”

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