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The App That Could Block The Windows 10 Update on Your PC

windows 10 apps uninstall

The Windows 10 May update remains blocked on many PCs, but no one knows why. Some users claim to have discovered the app that prevents updating. To update windows, users should uninstall windows ten apps.

Chaos continues to reign in Windows 10, and Microsoft doesn’t do much to prevent it. It has been over a month since the Windows 10 May 2020 update’s launch, but many users still cannot install it on their computers because it remains blocked. It has been discovered that a top-rated Microsoft app could be blocking this update. And the users should uninstall windows ten apps.

The last two major updates to Windows 10 have generated bugs, crashes, serious restart problems, the file search engine that can’t find what’s there, printers that don’t print, etc. Microsoft has been cured in health with the latest update in May, preventing it from being installed on many computers.

When you update the Window, a message notifies you that “the update is on the way” but does not provide further information. Just ask to wait:

The problem is that a month and a half have passed, and the update does not arrive. Worse still, Microsoft does not inform users why their PC is not updating: it could be due to a hardware compatibility problem, an outdated driver, or it has detected a Windows bug associated with the PC hardware. Or that it was not his turn. The irritating thing is that Microsoft doesn’t tell you what’s happening.

And since the company alludes to things as vague as “deployment phases” or “we’re perfecting the AI that assigns updates,” users have to make a living.

As reported by Windows Lastest, some users have confirmed on Reddit that, after uninstalling OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service, they have been able to update Windows 10 for the first time. It makes sense because Microsoft confirmed a OneDrive bug when it released the update but later fixed it.

Last May, Windows 10 was one of the two major updates of its year, the Windows 10 May 2020 update. Also known as the Windows 10 version 2004. It’s a new release: Microsoft will not allow it to be installed on most PCs. Including mine. I do not criticize the measure, but I do not want to explain what is happening to Microsoft users.

My old PC is already a few years old, though it still works well for most tasks. The weak point is the Intel i74790K processor, which is already more than six years old. Nevertheless, it was one of the most powerful of its time. With its four cores and eight at 4 GHz, it is still enough for any office work, with many games.

It starts with 16 GB of memory, a GTX 1070 graphics card still in the middle grades today, and a few SSDs. It is a fully functional computer that runs apps or plays any game at 1080p with high-quality images. But the system won’t let me if I take a chance to download the latest Windows 10 update. Alert window tells me that download is “on the way”:

All Windows 10 users are aware of issues with updates in recent months. Including reboots, crashes, and many bugs and failures that have caused severe problems with rare search engines. Printers do not print.

Many people confirm in the thread that it works, so if your PC has the May update blocked, and you want to install it. Try uninstalling OneDrive, from the Control Panel and Programs and Features. Look for updates so that the May update skips, or install it from this Windows 10 website.

It is not the solution to all problems because, for example, on my PC, I do not have OneDrive installed. And the update is still blocked. But nothing is lost by trying.

If you uninstall OneDrive and install Windows 10 May 2020 Update, you can easily reinstall the app.

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