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How To Manage And Improve Your Slow Wi-Fi Connections

Each family member has a different schedule, so they only meet at home at specific times and do not always carry out the same activities.

But, all that has changed with the exceptional situation we are experiencing. Now not only are all family members at home at the same time.

But they all have to work or study online, testing the wifi connection capacity of your home router.

Here are some tips to help you improve the quality of your home’s slow WiFi connection signal. Now that Internet connections are more necessary than ever for your family.

How to manage your slow WiFi Connection

  • Let’s start with the basics: the router
  • Desirable features for the new router and how to use them
  • Improve the coverage of your WiFi router
  • PLC and WiFi extenders: this way, you can extend the WiFi range of your router
  • The configuration of your router is also important
  • Organize Internet consumption for leisure
  • Establish an activity schedule

Let’s start with the basics: The Router

The router is the base on which all the WiFi signals of your house are based. It will be of little use if you have 600 Mbps or 600,000 rates.

Suppose your router cannot take advantage of it and manage them correctly. During the last year, Internet connection providers seem to have put their batteries in terms of the quality of their routers.

They are installing devices with better features than they had established long ago.

wifi connection

Even so, and with few exceptions, the router provided by your telephone operator is no more than a fundamental model.

That hardly meets the contracted speed requirement if you connect directly to the router by cable. On the other hand, when the WiFi network is deployed. It barely offers the minimum coverage and a quarter of the contracted speed.

Quite a fiasco if you consider that most of your devices will connect via WiFi.

Thus, if your router is the one that your operator installed you more than two years ago. You should consider buying a new neutral router with better WiFi features to maximize your Internet rate. This new router can replace your previous router.

Still, the easiest way to integrate it into your network is to connect it to your old operator router using an Ethernet cable. And disable the WiFi network of your old router to use only the WiFi of the new one.

wifi connection

In this way, the new router will improve the management of WiFi connections that are made locally.

Maintaining the connection speed by being directly connected by cable to the operator’s router. Which has now become a small plug to the Internet?

To get Desirable features for the new router and how to use them

And To improve WiFi connectivity and connection management, the new router should meet some features.

WiFi 6, more devices, and better management

The support for WiFi networks 6 (also known as WiFi 802.11 ax) is one of the most desirable features in a new router, especially if you have laptops and next-generation smartphones.

These devices will be able to take better advantage of all the features.

Although your devices are not up to date, the WiFi 6 standard improves the management of connected devices by enhancing the WiFi bandwidth. So that connections and speed are maintained.

If a router with WiFi is out of your budget, ensure it is at least WiFi 5 (WiFi 802.11ac). It will not be so optimized, but it will work.

Dual-band: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

Using two frequency bands will be essential to optimize the WiFi connections in your home as it will allow you to manage better the priority and speed of your home WiFi connections.

For example, you can reserve the 2.4 GHz band for connected home IoT devices and slower. OR only-use instruments for viewing social media or email.

And the 5 GHz network for computers from WorkWork and study for faster connections.

High transmission speed

Although on the outside, all the routers may look the same. There are routers with different transmission capacities depending on the processor and the transmission chips they integrate.

This transmission speed will determine at what rate your data is transmitted. Therefore, what connection rate can you achieve on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone?

They range from the simplest 750 Mbps distributed between the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. To the most complete – and expensive – with three bands that can reach 11 Gbps.

Generally, what reaches 1,200 Mbps is already more than enough to take full advantage of a 600 Mbps fiber connection.

Internal management of MU-MIMO connections

The system of relationships MU-MIMO (acronym in English for Multi-user, Multiple Input.

And Multiple Output) allows the to manage the link requests of the devices more efficiently so that the claims of several methods (users) can be handled simultaneously. Instead of waiting in order queue to solve each other.

It allows, for example, the connection request with your Work not to have to wait for the connection request to be resolved to turn on the light in the room.

But made simultaneously to speed up the processes and avoid bottlenecks in the connections. If the router is WiFi 5 or WiFi 6, it will already include support for that internal connection management system.

Improve the coverage of your WiFi router

One of the immediate effects of changing your router is improving transmission power and frequency bandwidth. It translates into more excellent WiFi coverage in all the rooms in your house.

Therefore, faster and more stable connections from any of them.

If even so, places with little coverage continue to exist. The alternative will be to find a better location for the router. Or install systems that allow you to take your home WiFi network further.

The WiFi signal of your router is distributed in the form of an umbrella to obtain the best WiFi coverage; the router must install in a location near the center of your house.

Unfortunately, operators seldom consider that and install the router at the most accessible connection point, usually in the living room.

If this is at one end of your house, connection problems in the most remote places will appear soon.

Try to minimize the lack of coverage and elevate the router by locating it close to the ceiling as possible. Rather than burying it at the bottom of the living room furniture.

If, with all these measures. If the coverage of your WiFi does not improve, you will have to use additional hardware with which to enhance the performance of your home WiFi network.

PLC and WiFi extenders: This way, you can extend the WiFi range of your router

WiFi extenders are a good alternative if you cannot improve coverage by changing the router’s location. Or amplifiers or the PLC (Power line Communication).

Many users confuse these devices because, physically, they are very similar. On the other hand, they could not be more different in their way of extending the coverage of your WiFi network.

The simplest is the WiFi extenders or amplifiers. These devices act as a repeater that collects the WiFi signal from your router and amplifies it.

And “bounces” it, making it go a little further. WiFi extenders or amplifiers must be installed in an area with good WiFi coverage. So that good connection speed is maintained in the amplified signal.

The PLC adapters allow connecting only via Ethernet cable. Or via network cable and WiFi, depending on the performance of each model.

The fundamental advantage of this system is that it does not need to install within the WiFi coverage of your router.

Since the data is transmitted through the home’s electrical network and maintains all the connection speeds of your rate if you choose a model with the appropriate gear.

The PLCs are perfect for when you need to take the Internet to the upper floors or in very long distributions.

The configuration of your router is also important

Another essential aspect of improving the quality of the slow WiFi connection. Now that they are all slow and adjusting the router settings.

Most users keep the default options in their router. Or they have only agreed to change the WiFi password. In the tutorial, we show you how to access these configuration options of your router.

One of the first things you should do if your router’s WiFi connection is prolonged is to change the transmission channel. That your router automatically broadcasts.

Switching to a different, less congested channel avoids interference with channels. That your neighbors’ routers posted on, making your WiFi go faster.

This report shows you some keys to changing your router’s broadcast channel. Also, your router’s configuration likely has a QoS (Quality of Service) function.

That allows you to establish priorities between the different connections of the devices.

For example, you can prioritize the IP connections of the computer you use to work or study.

Over those of the Smart TV or the IP addresses of mobile phones. It ensures fluency in these essential tasks, above others that, perhaps, are not so much.

Organize Internet consumption for leisure

Streaming content distributors have begun to reduce the image quality of their content. Platforms such as Netflix, HBO, and Movistar +.

And even YouTube has dispensed with 4K resolutions to minimize the use of bandwidth by operators.

With minimum organization and foresight, you can also ensure that your WiFi network does not suffer when some family members need to study or work online.

In contrast, others need to entertain themselves by watching children’s series and catching up on fashion series.

Or doing some exercise with the thousands of online trainers that have emerged on YouTube and other social networks.

The same happens with YouTube videos or audio. There are hundreds of options to download YouTube videos with the workouts or bread recipes you will need the next day.

So once again, forecasting can be the best way to desiderate your connection without anyone getting bored at home.

Establish an activity schedule

In addition to having a confident forecast when downloading the leisure content for the next day. You can also establish a series of activity schedules.

For example, use the videos downloaded the night before to spend a relaxing morning doing sports or cooking. While the rest of the family studies or works.

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