Why is My Phone Still Ringing Even Though It’s on Silent?

Have you ever been in a meeting or public place and suddenly heard your phone ringing even though it was in silent mode? This might be due to various different settings, apps, and features that are causing your phone to make noise despite being set to silent. Learn more about why this could be happening and how to fix the issue.

Check Your Do Not Disturb Settings

The first place to check when trying to quiet your phone is the Do Not Disturb settings. In order to ensure that you are not being disturbed by notifications or calls, you need to make sure that Do Not Disturb is enabled. You can access this setting in your phone’s Settings, and it will let you choose which incoming calls and notifications you want to allow through even when the phone is set to silent.

Unmute Your Phone Volume

On some phones, you may have to unmute the volume before the phone can actually be set to silent. This is because your phone requires a certain level of sound to be registered as “silent”, and if it is still muted this level can not be reached. If you find yourself in this situation, simply slide the volume slider up past the mute button and then back down until it reaches silently. This should fix your issue and allow you to use your phone on silent with no further issues.

Reboot Your Device

Rebooting your device is another potential solution to your ringing phone. Sometimes, due to glitches in the device’s operating system, the settings you’ve selected will not be registered properly. To fix this issue and get your phone back on silent, try restarting it. This should reset any technical issues and allow the information you’ve inputted to be registered accurately.

Check the Ring/Silent Button on the Side of the Phone

The simplest solution to check if your phone is still ringing despite being on silent is to ensure the side switch has been activated. On iPhones, this switch is usually used to silence any incoming calls and alerts, although you can select a different function in the settings menu. This button should be set to ‘silent’ whenever you don’t want your device noise disrupting a meeting or study session!

Update Your Phone’s Software and Apps

Another solution for why your phone isn’t going into silent mode is by updating your device’s software & apps. If you haven’t updated the apps on your phone in some time, it may be worth doing so as this can help prevent any unwanted ringtones. Updating your software can also help resolve any security issues, which may be causing the issue. Additionally, make sure to check your individual app permission settings to ensure that all notifications are silenced appropriately.

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