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WhatsApp, Zoom, and Skype from Europe in the use of messages and videos

whatsapp video calls

At the same time, the citizens are confronted at home, leaving their friends and family behind and doing business at home, leaving behind the best services and messaging the best option to compensate for this social obligation. A studio has recovered cuisines that have more applications to maintain contact in the destination. Video calls on WhatsApp are still quite far both in several participants and in features concerning applications such as Zoom.

We consider that offering this type of connection will improve its functioning, its security, and release the most potent service possible to individuals. It is an excellent opportunity to consider the available benefits and impossible service. WhatsApp and Google have added several usernames to a group called Zoom. Which has raised several security issues, and Facebook has launched its application.

Today there are new and changing platforms to be the first to recover users who want to talk to their families. Following a study by Picodi.com, WhatsApp became the primary winner in Europe; the messaging application has searched for more than 22 continents.

The study from Picodi.com is base on the ranking in the number of online consultations of 19 online clients of instant messaging and video. WhatsApp will be the first in countries like Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Italy, for example. It is easy to get the mobile for groups to reduce it, possibly, one of its ventures front to rest. And that most users use it with its application in its files.

Zoom, for its part, is the second busiest, the most popular on 14 pages like Great Britain or Norway. The application has enabled to address pressing security issues that have resolved quickly to trace its users who have exposed to their data on the dark web. But what more can say to its users is the convenience with which it can use to capture large groups of videos.

Countries like Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary have decided to be one of the most popular services. And veterans in the sector, Skype, Google, for its part, has just set up this studio in Denmark. Offering to provide the principal of the Quarantine Offer for free with its services to educate the sector. That has obliged to adapt to the classes from Destiny.

WhatsApp increases its video calls to eight participants, now for everyone.

Facebook has just officially announced that it will expand WhatsApp video calls up to eight participants. Doubling the current number in which up to four people can participate. And thus approaching a little more competing applications such as Zoom.

For a few days, the participants in the beta version of WhatsApp could already test the video calls of up to eight participants. The feature that will begin to deploy in the stable release in the coming days, Facebook has announced.

Facebook knows that in the current times in which much of the world found, video calls are one of the elements most demanded by the public. That is why they have announced Messenger Rooms. An application that will allow us to video calls with up to 50 members. Still, they are also about to launch, for everyone. The expansion of the limit from 4 to 8 people at a time in the video calls that we are accustomed to performing on WhatsApp.


Unless you have the beta version, you still can’t invite eight people to a video call on WhatsApp. But this feature will be available in the next few days. Although Facebook has not given a specific date, it will be a staggered update that will reach successive markets. And the social network will try to deploy it as soon as possible. So as not to lose market share compared to other applications such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.

Remember that if you do not want to wait for the stable version to be available. You must have the latest beta version installed. Which would be v.2.20.133 on Google Play and v. on the App Store.

Video calls on WhatsApp are still quite far both in several participants and in features concerning applications such as Zoom. Still, Facebook intends to bet now more on the firm step to ensure greater privacy and security so as not to fall into past mistakes.

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