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What are the top 7 Android App development trends?


Everything you do in your daily life requires an app: you use an app for your favorite messenger, you use an app to change your profile picture, you use an app to listen to music, and you also use an app to binge-watch a series. Furthermore, if you’re using a fitness band, for example, you use an application to sync it and give you daily updates and reports of your health. Using applications has become an everyday part of your life, without which you may not be able to live an efficient and convenient life. This article covers the top 7 Android App development trends and mentions places for Android.

Android is currently one of the most popular mobile operating systems, with over 2 million applications and a little over 70% market share. The applications range from complex games to everyday tools like browsers and calendars, including social media applications. The competition currently is mind-boggling. Considering the fame of the Android OS, it is essential to be in tune with the latest android app development trends so that you don’t miss out on anything.

This article covers the top 7 Android Application development trends and mentions places for Android application developers; keep these links in mind for hiring top android app developers for hire.

This part of the article deals with the seven Android App development trends you need to follow Android apps.

1) Machine learning and Artificial intelligence:

AI makes impossible tasks more accessible and doable. Modern AI has boosted productivity by 40%. It can apply AI to automate tasks, which helps launch the neural network quickly and effectively without causing harm to the processor. For example, Google launched Google Lens, which reads text from images and searches for depicted things. Most applications already have AI in their technology, and the audience loves it when an app can adapt to their input. However, the only issue with AI’s super-fast speed of growth is that it may put many people out of work because they won’t need labor to do the work that robots can do. The customer service departments will be the most significant job sectors to get hit because of the rapid growth of AI.

2) Blockchain:

Blockchain is one of the most buzzed technologies; 84% of world organizations are involved in blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies designed to perform swift payments also use blockchain technology. Because there’s no large institution behind cryptocurrency, it is an exciting investment arena. An example of blockchain technology is Blockchain Wallet which provides access to the cryptocurrency of owners.

3) The phone as the internet for other devices:

Mobile devices are becoming the center of our functioning; we rely on them for almost everything we do. That also means that the smartphone is the control center for other devices like smartwatches and TVs. In addition, smart home devices are more affordable, which drives people towards smartphones. Xiaomi, for example, delivers impressive technology for reasonable prices.

4) Augmentation of Reality:

Android mobiles’ augmented reality is quickly becoming part of the mainstream. Augmented reality works to place additional information for entertainment or information purposes. Pokémon Go is an excellent example of augmented reality, and so is Ingress.

5) Instant applications:

Instant apps are test drives of apps before purchasing or downloading them. The user gets a chance to test the app, so they know how convenient and safe it is. This helps create and increase trust and credibility. Wish is an example of an app with instant access.

6) Virtual Assistance:

‘Ok, Google is crucial to daily life. It helps boost safety and makes keeping lists easier, more convenient, and more natural. 54% of people today agree that it makes their life easier. Google virtual assistant is building its way into integration with other apps like Starbucks.

7) Online payments:

Payment providers are widely adopting online payment applications since it is more convenient and easier to use. There are many ways to pay from your phone, like Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, and bank apps. Monday, GooglePay, and M-Pesa are a few examples of this.

Other than the trends mentioned above, there are many other valuable trends like Multi-Platform development (Flutter), chatbots, android jetpacks, and On-demand apps. On-demand apps like Uber make it easier to track and update daily tasks. They also provide a lot of other services like grocery delivery. Now that we’ve discussed a few trends, let’s move on to the next part of the article, links to keep in mind for top android app developers for hire, before concluding.

It would be best to keep a few things in mind while hiring an app developer; a reliable android app development company can help you develop applications quickly and efficiently. Also, when hiring someone, keep their portfolio in mind; the more diverse it is, the more experience they have, and the better service they’ll provide you.

Also, ensure they have profound knowledge, have worked on various projects, and don’t fear trying new things. If they have more experience, they’ll be able to acquaint themselves with new technology and terms quickly and faster. It also reduces the workload on your shoulders. If the company releases a new AI service, ask them to incorporate that technology into your product. This will help create a trend and ensure you’re at the front of the bandwagon. Finally, make sure that the company has a competitive pricing policy. Many companies will charge a lot of money for their work, so comparing the prices and evaluating if the company is worth it will help you avoid exceeding your budget.

This part of the article briefly mentions a few links to keep in mind for hiring top android app developers.

1) File tech has experienced managers, developers, and designers who aim at 100% satisfaction at minimum rates. In addition, they hold expertise in mobile app developments for OS like Android, Swift, and UI/UX.

2) Kellton tech provides businesses with operating systems to reach platforms easily and faster and reap the benefits of customization and security.

3) Sentry provides actionable insight to resolve Android performance errors and improve monitoring workflow with a full view of releases. In addition, you can mark errors as resolved and prioritize other life issues.


Android application development trends will continue developing, growing, and enriching, and staying up to date with these changes is essential. But make sure you don’t implement all the trends available. Keep your technical expertise, business requirements, infrastructure, and budget before inculcating any trends.

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