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Video Marketing Tips To gain Traffic And Conversions

When it comes to video marketing and e-commerce or digital marketing in general, the first word that comes to our mind is YouTube. However, video marketing content can be used to its full potential, even on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Before you join the bandwagon and create video content, try to analyze what sets your brand apart. Why customers should choose your brand over others, and what values you prioritize in your business. Once you evaluate these, try to chart how your video content can integrate these. Simply recording and posting videos minus a specific goal/purpose does more harm to your brand than good.

According to video marketing statistics, you can get 66% more qualified leads every year and a 54% increase in brand awareness. Besides, as suggested by Buffer’s video marketing statistics, over 500 million hours of video content are there on YouTube. Furthermore, a report by CISCO has also indicated that 80% of Internet traffic will be linked to video marketing shortly.

Here, we have compiled a few handy tips for video marketing that will help you your traffic and conversions soar higher than ever before:

1. Make sure your Story is Interesting:

The basic mantra is to develop a compelling story that immediately grabs attention and evokes feelings in your audience. Using already-existing content from your website to churn out a video might not yield desirable results. As far as brand videos are concerned, you have tremendous freedom to showcase your strengths to your existing and prospective customers. Try to evoke feelings through your videos that sync with your brand ethos. Through video marketing, you can move your audience in a way other marketing formats cannot achieve.

2. The First 10 Seconds Make A Big Difference:

You may have a path-breaking video of 3 minutes, but it will fall flat on its face if it doesn’t hook people within the first 5-10 seconds. Typically, Internet users have a brief attention span. So make sure your video only piques the viewers’ interest within the first 10 seconds. If not, they can move on to other content without giving your full video a watch. It is, anyway, a thumb rule to keep your videos short and crisp.

3. A Call-To-Action is a Must:

A call to action is a must for any marketing content, and videos are no exception. Most marketers incorporate this right at the end of their videos. While this is undoubtedly an effective technique, you can go the extra mile and include it somewhere when the viewers’ interest is at its peak. However, simultaneously, you also need to ensure that mid-roll CTAs do not interrupt the flow of the viewer. The CTA should fit in naturally or not distract your viewer from the message you’re trying to communicate.

4. Use SEO-Optimized Content:

Optimizing your video SEO tactics is a must-do, just like you optimize your website copy, landing pages, or blog posts. You can use the following strategies for the same:

a. Include keywords in your video description so that users can easily find your content once the search engines index your videos. Besides, the report also helps guide viewers in what they can expect from the video; additionally, including your website URL and keywords in the video transcript help draw more traffic to your site.

b. Your video titles/headlines speak volumes about what the video has in store. Your headline should be catchy enough to attract more viewers and boost the conversion rate. The more unique your video title, the more viewers will engage with your brand.

c. Link-building is yet another critical aspect of video optimization. Acquiring hyperlinks from high authority and reputed sites will work wonders for your ranking on search engines.

5. Include Sharing Buttons:

Who doesn’t want to have people engage with their videos, right? Well, for starters, why don’t you help them with the engagement first? And what better way than adding sharing buttons to the videos you upload? If your viewers like your video, they will share it with their friends and help to widen its reach. This, in turn, creates higher engagement rates with your brand, besides contributing to building trust and increasing conversion and sales. In addition, the sharing button should allow users to access your website while on the video player.

6. Use Different Channels:

Have an excellent video to boast of? Well, it is vital to use the proper channels to market it. Marketing your video on the appropriate media dramatically increases brand awareness, establishes trust amongst your potential buyers, and converts lead into clients. It will help if you choose your marketing channels depending on your customer demographic, location, and other factors.

7. Focus on Personalization:

Just like we all appreciate a well-fitted, tailored dress or a suit, customers like tailor-made content that caters to their needs and tastes. Video marketing is very much a part of that. Hence, a marketer should create personalized videos that fulfill your client’s requirements. No wonder such videos will have higher engagement and conversion rates amongst target clients. But, of course, you also have to include smart CTAs in those personalized videos, depending on what action your viewers want, whether to download an ebook, join or subscribe to a list, or so on.

8. Include a Video Transcript:

Video transcript is a surefire way of sharing more details with your viewers. This surely helps in garnering more engagement, likes, and shares. Since the transcript turns your video content into text format, viewers can skim through it to quickly understand what the video offers. The transcript should include the primary keywords to help rank search engines. If video marketing statistics are believed, 74% of video viewers who watch a video to learn more about a product/service decide to buy it.

Different types of video content serve other purposes. Some of the most shared videos used for marketing include product/service videos, brand videos, explainer/to-do videos, Live Streaming videos, etc. Since videos are easy to understand, they are a great way of communicating to your target audience about your brand’s services through simple storytelling. 

A Marketingcharts report has revealed that video marketing yields a 7% increase in ROI compared to other types of content. Even short video ads can stuff in more information than a blog post. Given how smartphones have revolutionized the digital world, more and more users watch video content on their phones.

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