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The video has been gaining strength in recent years with the improvement in the recording quality of smartphones. The arrival of action cameras from which you can record your sports activities. And trips in the first person. As well as the appearance of camera drones. All this avalanche of video recording devices has caused the consumption of this format to skyrocket. To get professional-looking videos. You will need to cut those video clips, add text, color filters, etc.

EaseUS Video Editor allows you to do all that and in a straightforward way. While It doesn’t matter that you’ve never used a video editor before. The intuitive interface will enable you to assemble your videos in a matter of minutes.

Drag, cut, and export in the most natural way

One of the main requirements for a good PC video editor should be simplicity of use. So that less experienced users can create their videos.

So, one of the first things that EaseUS Video Editor did when it started for the first time is to display a useful tutorial. That shows the main functions of the application.

video editor

Following these steps, the user can already get a first idea of ​​what each thing is. But, one of the simplest things is to incorporate the video clips that have before recorded into the program. Drag them to the Media tab of the program, and they are ready to add to the timeline when you need them. EaseUS Video Editor supports the most popular video file formats.

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Another essential feature for any PC video editor is the ease of cutting. And joining different clips creating the montage you need. Mixing different views of the action or adjusting the duration of your videos is as simple as giving a few clicks on the appropriate options.

EaseUS Video Editor makes this task much more comfortable. Drag one of the video clips, position the viewing head over the area you want to cut. And click the Divide icon to cut the clip in two. Being ready to add a new clip below or delete the fragment that no longer works for you.

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Being a non-destructive video editor with files. You can reuse those clips as many times as you need since those original videos remain intact. That means they can use to extract different ones.
video editor

When the montage did, use the Export function to create a new video file with the new montage. The export function is a natural process. That does not need significant technical knowledge to get video uploads to YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook. Or with the appropriate dimensions to see them on the primary devices.

Filters, effects and transitions, the key to a professional look

One of the most differential aspects of professional videos is the treatment of color and the use of different filters. Applying them to your videos will give them a very personal and cinematic look. EaseUS Video Editor allows you to install changes to the color settings by double-clicking on the video. Being able to correct the contrast, the color saturation of the videos, or their luminosity.

These settings allow you to improve the quality. And balance the color of the entire video so that it is homogeneous. So, filters provide a quick and easy solution to apply a particular aesthetic to your videos at the touch of a button. Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to achieve professional results with a PC video editor.

EaseUS Video Editor also has an extensive library of animations. And transitions to make the change between the different clips of your montage more fluid.

In short, what color filters, transitions, and animations achieve with minimal effort. And in a few minutes is to make your videos look much more elaborate.

Music and voice-over for your videos

Audio is a fundamental part of supporting visual content, and music. Often can even be a problem when synchronizing it with video content. That is why EaseUS Video Editor incorporates its music library. So you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Without adequate audio, the video will not have the same quality.

If also to music, you need to include your voice in the videos. EaseUS Video Editor allows you to insert voiceovers by recording them from a microphone. Connected to your computer with which to create tutorials or support the story you are showing on the video. Having an efficient and easy-to-use PC video editor is one of the keys to achieving professional-looking videos. To get you started on creating video content, even if you don’t have prior knowledge.

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