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In these days the video editing is a very basic need. Most of the people are earning by doing video editing. There are thousands of video editing software in the world. But the few software is the world’s best software in the world.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  2. Final Cut pro
  3. Filmora

Adobe Premiere Pro CC (video editing software)

video editing software

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the world-leading video editing software. You can edit any type of video in any format. You can edit videos virtually any type of media format. If you are using Adobe Premiere Pro CC for editing then you can create your video brilliant colors for TV film and for any social media platform. Most of the Hollywood and Bollywood movie is edited on adobe premiere pro. This is basically editor choice. It two different version one is a free version and the second is a paid version. It prefers the paid version. Because the paid version has too many options for professional editing if you are a beginner then the free version is best for you and efficient of the editing way.

Creative Flow Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the leader in the industry. You can make the fast-turn series by using this software. You can create creative flow with Adobe Premiere Pro CC in your file, TV serial, movie or any other video. It will make your work efficient and polished without leaving your timeline. This software is the master software in speed up, if you are doing time-consuming task then it will make it easy. You can also edit whatever you want and whatever you think in your brain. This software will help you to take out the image which is in your brain.

Edit Support

  • 2D
  • 3D
  • 4D
  • 4K
  • 360-degree
  • high definition
  • GoPro
  • Film editing
  • Typography

Many other editing’s which are not mentioned here because that is a very huge list of the feature of Adobe premiere pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Requirements

  • It works on both Windows and Mac.
  • It requires Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) version 1703
  • Intel 6th-generation or newer CPU or AMD equivalent
  • 8GB of RAM (16GB or more is recommended)
  • 8GB of hard-disk space; a 1,280 by 800 display (1,920 by 1,080 pixels)
  • sound card compatible with ASIO protocol or Microsoft Windows Driver Model
  • On macOS, you need version 10.12 6th generation CPU
  • Storage for Mac 8GB of RAM 16GB or  8GB of hard-disk space
  • 1,280 by 800 display
  • Sound card compatible with Apple Core Audio.


  1. Highly professional video editing solution
  2. Fully compatible with other Adobe tools
  3. Supports exporting to Blu-Ray
  4. Work natively with a huge number of video formats
  5. Creative Cloud updates issued instantly
  6. Sync projects across computers


  • Very complex for beginners
  • Only available on the Creative Cloud subscription model
  • Full Version is very costly

To download this software from the official site, click here

Final Cut Pro

video editing software

Final Cut Pro is also the leading video editing software. But the Final Cut Pro you use and create videos in Mac machine. This Final Cut Pro is basically made for the Mac machines. Final cut pro is a sequence of non-linear video enhancing software. It’s miles to start with launched on June 21, 2011, however now it is 2020 with the passage of time it modifications itself. now the final reduce pro is the arena’s great editing software program in the entire globe. You can just edit what you can think of on your mind.

The cost of Final Cut Pro is $299.99. That’s a massive cut from the price of its predecessor; recently the updated version of Final Cut Pro is getting a thousand dollars. It is better to pay a thousand dollars for once then paying, again and again; adobe premiere pro cc Furthermore, that $299.99 for Final Cut includes feature updates.

Final Cut Pro Requirements

  • Mac Version 10.13.6 or later
  • RAM 4GB
  • 8GB RAM recommended for 4k editing, 3D editing, and 360-degree editing
  • capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Discrete graphics card.
  • For VR headset support, you also need SteamVR.

To download this software from the official site, click here

Wondershare Filmora

video editing software

Filmora is also the best editing software. It is established also by the Mac. You can also use it in both Windows and Mac. It is famous for trimming the videos. It is not good to trim the videos. It has also the features of layout, effect, LUTs, typography, and many other features. You can also edit 360-degree videos.   Filmora can get the job done, but only if you can make the videos you want with the features it offers.


Filmora has a very easy and efficient interface. For the beginner, it is very easy. The beginners can easily understand the interface of Filmora and they create their videos easily. You can use the interface in the White and Light grey order or you can only import one file at a time. You can work on one clip at a time. All the tools are available on the main interface. I create a video of 1080 pixels by using GoPro hero 3. The 4k footage is not efficiently edited by the Filmora. The stabilization tool is not very good its stabilization is not worked on a very minor level.

Special Effects and Colours

Filmora has a very special effect. You can insert a high-level effect and LUTs in your footage. All the effects were available on the top bar on the interface. Even every option is available over there. It has a different type and category of effects, you can also buy the effect from the Filmora officials. The colors in this software avail you with these effects like 007, B&W Film, Batman, Cool Film, and Walking Dead, among other popular show looks.

In the color option, we can use LUT and CUBE plugins, though the latter may be hard to find. The Filmora officials are providing more effects and colors in the paid version. Now you can buy the paid packet of Filmora for unique colors and effects.

Editing Features

  • Text Effect
  • Typography
  • Film editing
  • 360-degree editing
  • Music editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Easy Mode
  • Instant cutter
  • Live to share

Wondershare Filmora Requirments

  • Window 8,9,10 or more
  • RAM 4GB
  • 8GB RAM recommended for 4k editing, and 360-degree editing
  • capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • discrete graphics card.

To download this software from the official site, click here


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