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Very useful, hidden, and little known functions of your Android mobile

hidden functions of android
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If you want to take advantage of Android mobile, even more, we will show you a couple of hidden functions of android that will facilitate its daily use.

No matter the operating system, there are always aspects that we do not know and tricks that make its use much more accessible. Just as we never finish getting to know Windows, something similar happens with Android, and there are beneficial functions that can be of great help on a day-to-day basis.

It is true that with mobiles, we tend to configure the operating system during the first days and forget about it later to focus on the countless applications that we are installing. And this is a mistake because if we have seen something with the updates made on Android, it is the great versatility that this system has gained.

If you want to know different hidden functions of android that will be of great help to you with your Android mobile, keep reading and, if you wish to, learn as you go.

Add subtitles to mobile videos

The Live Caption function that some Android phones have subtitles to any video you are watching, even without volume. The one you have recorded, the one from a platform, one from WhatsApp, doesn’t matter. This function understands what is being said and transcribes it.

hidden functions of android
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There is no official list of mobiles with this Live Caption, according to CNET, although we know that it works with the Pixel, the latest Samsung devices, or the OnePlus. Just go to Settings and see if Live Caption appears, then you have to activate it, and it works automatically.

Mute notifications

Nothing more annoying when you are working than receiving one and another distracting notification. Or that the mobile vibrates at all times when you are on the street. You can configure the option Do not disturb on your mobile or Silence alerts whenever you want.

Split the screen into multiple apps

If you point at the bottom of the screen to the square that shows the applications you have open. You will see that at the top, above the applications, the Split screen option appears. When you click, it points to you. Hold down the application and drag it here. This will help work, copy text, or keep an eye on one application while working with another.

hidden functions of android
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Mobile is always unlocked at home

Within the Security tab, you must go to Device Security and click on the Smart Lock option. You will see that you can configure your mobile to remain unlocked at any time you want. Something useful in shared mobile phones, but also offices, for example.

Share your WiFi password

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With Android 10, you can create a QR code that allows anyone who scans it to connect to your WiFi network. Something very convenient in business or going to receive visitors at home. Not to dictate the endless alphanumeric password that you usually have.

Just go to Settings and then WiFi. If you click on the one you are using, the QR code will automatically appear, which you can also save by taking a screenshot if you wish.

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