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Use Twitter to know how to use WhatsApp: One of the most important messages with audio

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Twitter will implement the possibility of sending audios in private messages for some users and continues to work on numerous new features.

During 2020 there has undoubtedly been no month in which Twitter has not implemented something new. Some have reached everyone, such as the possibility of programming tweets or choosing who can reply. Others have only done for some users, such as tweets with audio that activated for the mobile application on iOS. An extension of this latest development is now testing.

The next novelty that will activate on Twitter will be the possibility of sending private messages with audio, as The Verge has learned. It will first do it in one of the usual countries as a test space: Brazil. Then, depending on the reception it has, it will extend to more territories.

These voice messages will have a maximum duration of 20 seconds. Especially in keeping with the brevity that accompanies Twitter in everything that is the transmission of information. But if somebody copies the tweet, the possibility of the audios cannot be closed.

The voice messages will have an operation similar to that of WhatsApp. A simple record button on the transmitter and the play and pause control on the receiver. According to the same company, an “online recording experience design facilitates sending these messages as part of the natural conversation flow.”

A button will also add to report messages in case of malicious use of these. Something that is not worth explaining too much when knowing part of the problems that social networks have.

In general, it will try to create greater accessibility in the social network. And have a simple and user-friendly design in all aspects. In the future, extend the tested and accepted news to all users. As it should soon happen with the option to share tweets with audio. And that not only people who use iOS can do it.

In any case, there is still no date for this launch of private messages with audio. But with the pace that Twitter takes when implementing news, it should not surprise us if it happens in a matter of weeks. The struggle to be the most used social network does not allow rest.

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