update for windows 10

I am not worthy to update Windows 10, Released by Microsoft

update for windows 10

I’m one of those reckless Windows 10 users who wants to install the big system update for May. Unfortunately, there is a problem: Microsoft won’t let me. All my life using Windows for this …

Last May, Windows 10 released one of its two major updates of the year, Windows May 10, 2020, Update, also known as Windows 10 version 2004. It released a novelty: on many PCs, Microsoft does not let it install. Including mine. I am not critical of the measure, but Microsoft is not explaining to users what is happening.

My old desktop PC is already a few years old, although it is still quite competent for most tasks. The weak point is the Intel i7-4790K processor, which is already more than six years old, but was one of the most powerful. With four cores and eight threads, it is still enough for any office task and most games.

It is accompanied by 16 GB of memory, a GTX 1070 graphics card that is still mid-range today, and a couple of SSDs. It is a perfectly valid PC to work, use applications, or play any game at 1080p with high graphic quality. But if I try to download the latest Windows 10 update, the system won’t let me. A warning window tells me that the download is “on the way”:

It is a change from a previous one in which said nothing. What is happening?

All users of Windows 10 are aware of the problems that updates have had in recent months, with a vast number of bugs and bugs that have caused serious problems with reboots, crashes, and even things as rare as search engines that do not search, or printers they don’t print.

On a personal level, I have no particular interest in installing the new update. Nothing new it includes is particularly attractive or necessary. And I risk a handful of new and unknown bugs. But at a professional level, I need to install the update because maybe my bosses will order me an article about a certain newness in Windows 10 or a particular improvement that is worth it.

Still, I think Microsoft is doing the right thing by offering the upgrade in phases. The problem is that users are not adequately informed.

There are several reasons why Windows does not allow me to install the update on my computer. He is distributing it in waves so that there are no crowds, and I may not have received it yet. Maybe you have detected bugs in the update related to a particular component of my PC. Or you have an old driver or chip that blocks that installation. Or Microsoft is prioritizing new PCs, even if the older PCs work perfectly and are kept up to date.

The key to this whole thing is that I’d like to know, but Windows doesn’t tell me. And as a paid user who has been waiting a month, I think I have the right to know. This is not Android, where companies do outrageous and have all the power because everything is free. And users, shut up and wait. I’ve been paying Windows for years, and while Windows 10 came free, technically, it’s not an open system. We have a right to know.

In the warning window indicating that the update is “on the way,” there is a button that says More information. By clicking on it, you are taken to a generic version information web page, where it only means that “they are adjusting the deployment phase”:

Digging a little deeper into a link from May 27, they indicate generically that if I have not received the update, it may be because “it will arrive in the next few weeks, or there is a compatibility problem.” Which is like saying nothing.

As I said, I prefer Microsoft to block the update before it crashes or something stops working. And it is also true that there are ways to force the update in manual mode.

update for windows 10

But since Windows 10 has checked my PC and concluded that it’s not worthy of receiving the update, I think it’s only fair that Microsoft reveals to users why it’s making that decision: either because I’m not in the current phase of deployment, because it has detected a Windows bug related to my hardware and is correcting it, or because there is an incompatibility. I might be interested in updating that hardware to get the update quickly.

It is a topic that should be improved in future updates. Not only explain the reason but the approximate date when it will be my turn. An informed user is a user who feels respected.

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