Android TV now allows you to connect your TV to the rest of the speakers in the house

The televisions with the Android operating system are receiving an exciting update that allows all the speakers in your house and your TV to form the same music system. This update is in addition to the one Chromecasts received a few weeks ago.

Imagine that you are cleaning your house or going from one place to another tidying up. And you want the music you are listening to in all the house rooms. That is known as group speakers and a set of independent speakers. And giving them the order to put the same music list simultaneously.

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This function can also use if you want the volume to be higher. Or if you want to place several speakers at the ends of a massive room, the intensity is the same in all corners of the room. The exciting thing is that now we can add the speakers of our Android television to that set of speakers.

Chromecast devices received this same update a few weeks ago. Allowing any device paired with a Chromecast to play the same music you’re listening to on your connected speaker in another room. Now you can also use this connection with any Android TV.

For this, it is merely necessary to update the Google Home application. From this, we control all the compatible connected devices in the house. As shown in the Android TV Guide account from the app. We will be able to indicate all the tools we want to activate with that music list. And play the same thing.

The update may take time to reach all TV with the Android operating system, but if you are interested in trying it now. It is possible to register as a tester on this page and start testing the new feature.

It is essential that the trial versions are not entirely stable and can cause performance problems, so be careful. Even so, when this novelty is released, it can be instrumental in converting all the devices in the house into a single music system.

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