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The trick to copy and paste in Windows 10 more efficiently that very few know

copy and paste

It is well known that operating systems have so many tricks and keyboard shortcuts that it is difficult to understand all of them, as is often the case with this beneficial one for how to copy and paste content.

We all know that sometimes operating system limitations make small tasks tedious. An example is usually the copy and pastes function which can sometimes be boring and endless due to the great content that is about moving from one place to another or the repetition of movements.
However, there is a trick that very few know and can be of great help when copying different content: a history of copied items that can be accessed quickly. If you did not know it, we assure you that it is something very simple to activate and use.

Thanks to a configuration of buttons, you can activate the Clipboard History. That allows you to use elements long after being copy or, if more have been copied, access a previous one. Let’s see how this can be activated in a minute.

To be able to activate this function, you have to enter the Clipboard options. All you have to do is type its name in the Windows search tab. As soon as you are inside, you must activate the Clipboard History option. We mark it in red in the following image:

copy and paste

Once it is active, when you select that you want to copy any content, it will be saved in the history.

If you want to access it to copy an item, all you have to do is press the Windows + V key combination. Then, as you can see below, a tab will appear with the history that you have at your disposal.

copy and paste

As reported in Lifehacker, this option can be very interesting if you spend all day with documents. You usually copy email addresses, data, or many other tasks. In addition, it does not take up any space or change in any way the regular use of Windows 10.

Sometimes the best tricks are those that are installed in the same operating system without users knowing that they exist. Like this one to copy and paste text, right?

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