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Top Web Development Trends to Expect in 2022

Alex is a freelance web developer. During the Corona pandemic, her career turned from an in-house employee to a full-time work-from-home employee. Now, she decided to be independent by simply working as a freelancer and only for herself instead of working for others or web development companies.

After spending one year as a freelancer, she has earned more and learned more skills as a bonus! She is not alone on this career path. So many web developers now emerged as solopreneurs in the market.

The question is what a web developer like Alex does and why web developers are in demand in the current market.

What Do Web Developers Usually Do?

The job of a web developer typically involves the following activities:

Business Analysis

  • Web developers research and prepare web development strategies as the business analyst does.
  • The web developers, during the work, take care of users of the website and the requirements. Or business of the web owner/s.
  • Based on the developer’s findings, proposals, and other documents.

Planning & prototyping

  • The wireframe development comes into the scene after deciding on content architecture and layouts.
  • Primary and side menus now come into the picture.
  • Out of Various options of prototypes, the website owner has to decide on a design as the final option.

Front-end web development

  • UI preparation starts using HTML, CSS, and JS coding technologies based on a final prototype.
  • The website owner and web designer decide on UX or user experience together.
  • Here, you can see how users will interact with the website and what interactions will occur in highly advanced prototyping software.

Back-end web development

  • Actual programming takes place on this step using an appropriate web development technology.
  • In this step, website testing is done using various tools and techniques. As a result, it mitigates the errors and bugs on the site.


That is the job of website maintenance and support.

Web marketer

That is the job of website marketers who know internet marketing and SEO, like technical aspects and social media marketing.

Thus, we have found the answer to the first question. What does a web developer do?

Demands of Web Development Job/Work in the Market

Let’s find the answer to the second question: why web development is an evergreen field? The reason is apparent. Several websites exist on the web, and trends of increasing those numbers further.

You can observe the exponential growth of websites on the web and easily predict the trends in the coming years based on past performance. We will touch nearly 2 billion websites in the coming years as COVID-19 has boosted the next level.

Demands of Web Development Skills in the Market

Suppose you are on the way to hiring a web developer or hiring web developers in more numbers for your web development company; you must look at their skill sets.

Demands of Skills for Web Development

Top Web Development Trends

The skillset of the web developers in the market shows some standard web development technologies. Undoubtedly, JavaScript remains on the top, and CSS, HTML, and SQL follow the top web development trends.

Top Web Development Trends

Suppose you think more skills means more jobs in the market. I suppose you might be wrong.

Getting a web development job or freelance work quickly requires just five to six primary skills.

Demands of JS Frameworks

We have seen that JavaScript is the most in-demand web development technology, and some frameworks also have high demands. For instance, React is at the top, Angular is the second, and Vue is third among the newly emerged JS frameworks.

Demands of Non-JS Technologies

If you look at non-JS technologies, you will find Python at the top of the list. Python is programming technology behind AI, IoT, and Data Science, like emerging technology trends. Of course, you can go for web development using Python if you wish to integrate your web portal with other web applications running the front and back of the website.

Upcoming Technologies in Web Development Field:

As we learned that the web development field contains myriads of web programming technologies, let’s see where the future of web development is in terms of upcoming technologies trends.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a short form of Artificial Intelligence. In 2019, the AI market was valued at nearly $40 billion, estimated to go up to almost $190 billion. It means it is growing 4X times faster. You can integrate AI products with your website, like AI-based Chatbot, or run in mobile Apps with another application.


Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) are a subset of AI technology. Thereby, it has a bright future in the coming time.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is an altogether different paradigm among upcoming technologies, and it essentially needs the web to connect various devices and touchpoints. In short, its future highly depends on web development.


Augmented Reality, or AR, showed its power well before learning about other emerging technologies. Today, various eCommerce giants are applying this technology with high utility. The furniture industry, fashion design, and different consumer products have productive applications of AR technologies.

Big Data

The evolution of data science is based on the NoSQL database concept, and Big Data is a consequence of the same. Data is always in demand, and we churn tons of data to find various ways to make decisions and report. In addition, web developers with this skill can work on highly complex data-driven web applications, another market.

Cloud Computing

Today, the major web hosting players highly rely on Cloud storage services. Similarly, SaaS and similar cloud-based applications are famous in the present market. Modern web development requires numerous integration with Cloud services, and this skill set is a must-have requirement for a web developer who wants to go up the career ladder.

Now, we know the future of top web development trends. We should have a web developer with such an advanced skill set. We can guide you and empower you or your business with the latest top web development trends and technologies if you want to hire web developers.

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