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Top Technology Trends You Should Be Aware Of. Which Technologies are Trending In 2021

Technology helps to make our lives easier. Engineers, scientists, and researchers work in harmony to create products and devices that come with the latest technologies to reduce human effort and maximize efficiency. With the onset of Industry 4.0, many new technologies have emerged and are changing our perception of what we can achieve with our intellect. Today, we have artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud computing, hyper-automation, and many other technologies making the “unthinkable” possible. You must have seen shows related to them on your Call Spectrum.

The trends of these technologies are ever-changing. Disruption is more frequent and we are witnessing more scientific breakthroughs every day. If you’re into tech and science, the following top technology trends in 2021 will definitely amaze you.

Artificial Intelligence Will See Mass Acceptance

Even though many people are skeptical of AI, 2021 will be the year that many people will accept its existence. The reason is that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has necessitated the shift of businesses to the online world. Today, many banks and retail stores are fully operational on the internet. On their web portals, you will see the full involvement of AI and related applications. Therefore, more and more people will find themselves interacting with AI-related technologies. 

On the other hand, for businesses, AI comes with great propositions. People using data analytics software can better relate to this. The technology can help corporate companies understand user behaviors and market their products to that effect.

Even though storing data on hard drives and tangible devices is still very much acceptable by the general mass. Tech companies are no longer interested in this mode of data storage. The internet presents a world of opportunities to store data safely. Cloud computing is enabling companies to shift data from their legacy systems to more reliable online data centers. Not only do these data centers store data in multiple locations to prevent data loss, but they also come with robust cybersecurity infrastructures and data recovery options.

Hyperautomation Will Take Over Robotic Process Automation

Even though robotic process automation comes with significant advantages and will remain relevant for most basic and repetitive tasks, it is hyper-automation that will take over it when it comes to complex and difficult processes. With the inherent ability from RPA to automate daily, routine-based, and straightforward processes, hyper-automation will take automation further with its machine learning, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and artificial intelligence capabilities. Companies seeking fast automation services will shift to hyper-automation. The software robots will also have a better capability of “learning” with this advanced form of RPA. 

Virtual Reality’s Sphere Will Broaden

VR is a very promising technology and has seen a lot of application in the gaming industry already. The results are highly immersive, engaging, and interactive games. However, the technology is seeing a lot of application in healthcare and law enforcement departments. The reason is that VR can be used to immerse participants in a virtual simulation. These simulations can help to train future surgeons, firefighters, and drivers. In a virtual environment, trainees can easily conduct a surgery, tackle a fire situation, or drive on a difficult road. 

However, these are just basic applications. With the involvement of AR, participants can even directly interact with the objects. VR can also be used to treat many mental ailments by immersing patients in calming and relaxing environments. 

Big Data Will Be the Go-to Resort for Corporations

Companies are increasingly seeking tools for data analytics tools to better understand user behavior and this is where “Big Data” comes into play. This new tech field promises many benefits to both old and new players in the business world. You can use data analytics tools to create data segments, user groups, and understand user behavior. Not only that, but you can also use the data to improve your existing marketing strategy. Or simply to understand what your competitors are doing better than you. 

Big Data analytics tools can also help you to sort out the interests, location, gender, and age of your existing or prospective customers. The prospects of this technology are huge and companies using it are already enjoying a higher return on their investments. 


There are many other technologies that will also become subjects of interest during 2021. However, AI, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Virtual Reality, and Hyperautomation will be the most popular ones. Start experimenting with these technologies today for remarkable business growth in the days to come. 

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