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We all love online games, and why shouldn’t we? They’re all the most amazing out there! And there’s a wide array of online games that can be found there, too, right? So many free games are out there that are fun, artistic, and creative. And who doesn’t love enjoyable free games? Indeed, they’re fun! But some gamers and fanatics might differ as they’re willing to pay more than what’s required for the Top 5 most expensive online games out there!  

That’s why for fun, gamer’s enthusiasm, and fascination of us ordinary people, we’re here to talk and discuss the most expensive games out there in the market! For gamers and playing, fanatics to buy them and for us average gamers to explore new horizons! Since they are the most expensive, their graphics, style, and playtime must be highly designed and crafted with a much more detail-oriented approach. Like, a carefully crafted escape room game in real life. Just like the ones you find at Amazing escapes Atlanta. So, without wasting time, let’s see the Top 5 most expensive online games. 

Here are the top 5 most expensive online games out there: 


This is the most expensive, with an almost $265 million budget. Who has yet to hear about the Grand Theft Auto series? We all used to love it a lot by secretly playing it in the computer lab in our schools with minimized taskbars so that the teachers wouldn’t catch us at all. This game has won several hearts with its easy-to-use mechanisms and playing field that is like a real-world design, but here you are, a gangster, and you have to live as well! 

The game is designed to get anything you want or buy anything in that world by sheer hard work (who wants to do that?) or being a real gangster and stealing, snatching, or killing. It’s a simple game that’s very explicit, so it is advised not to play it under 14 years of age at least. But this sold several copies worth $1 billion in its first week as a new game that topped even the greatest movies ever! 


We all love Call of Duty, don’t we? It’s world-renowned and famous for its series as well. But at the time of this game’s release, it was just famous for the second part only of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” as it’s a sequel to the original. With a budget of 250 million dollars, it’s the second most expensive game ever made! 

It’s about a shooter game amidst war/Russian Invasion in the Washington DC area. You enjoy a good shooter game; this is a perfect releaser for all that pent-up frustration. So go and play it. The game is relatively cheaper to make. Most of the money (200 million dollars) went to marketing. Still, it’s one of the highest-budget games ever made! 


This one comes at the 3rd position of our list with an almost $200 million budget to make it happen! This game didn’t put all this into marketing… since it was such a complex game with so many possibilities and complexities, it all went to the game’s development here!  

It’s a game that is MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that is based on Star Wars characters. The website says… “Hungering for dominance; the ruthless SITH EMPIRE fights to destroy their ancient enemies in the GALACTIC REPUBLIC. Assembling an overwhelming fleet of the Empire’s most powerful warships, DARTH MALGUS sets out to obliterate a new and highly advanced Republic shipyard on the planet Corellia.” So play it and enjoy. 


This one required $145 million to go forward. All this money that went into development makes it the top 4 on our list! $100 million were spent on marketing, and the remaining $45 million were spent on developing the actual game instead. So here you have to go up against the megacorporation sucking the planet’s life essence to use it as an energy source and find several others to add to your team on your quest to support you. And lastly, end up going to destroy them from the core.  


The last on our top 5 list but certainly not the least, is the most famous Shadow of the Tomb Raider game out there! It hops at a whopping $135 million. The storyline is set in one year after the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider. So, if you loved the first one, then you would love this one too! 

Lastly, do drop your comments down below! 

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