Top 10 Money Making Apps for Android

Everyone needs a few extra characters from time to time. However, we are not so foolish as to convince you that you can make a living at home. No apps can earn you so much money. However, we know a few that can make you flesh or two here and there. In the long run, that can build up enough for you to do something good or possibly a second benefit. Here are the top 10 money-making apps for cash on Android. Please note that these are mainly the views of small business owners, private contractors, and those looking for low income. These are not perfect ideas for full-time service. Google Ideas Awards is an excellent app if you only want an extra dollar for apps and games. Here is the list of the top 10 money-making apps for cash on Android.

  • Amazon seller eBay
  • Etsy
  • Ibotta
  • Make Money: Ideas for Making Money
  • PayPal
  • Sales Square
  • Surveys on the go
  • Uber
  • YouTube

Amazon Seller App

Price: Free

Top 10 Money Making Apps

Amazon is a massive retailer around the globe. You could be a partner in it if you want to. The Amazon merchant account lets you sell items on the service next to everything else. This is an excellent way to clear a garage, make a few profits, or start a sales business. They let you do it for free. However, you pay $ 0.99 for everything you sell. Those who sell tons of items might be fine with their $ 39.99 per month subscription, which leaves a $ 0.99 charge. In any case, this is fine with eBay regarding monetization applications.

eBay App

Price: Free

Top 10 Money Making Apps

Most people have tons of things that cost a certain amount of money. eBay can help you convert those items into real money. Well, everyone knows how eBay works. First, you put your things on the list. People then buy it and post it. After that, you can sell anything, from books and textiles to electronics and even furniture or cars. We recommend selling oversized items locally because shipping can be a challenge, but otherwise, it is where you want to start when you sell items. It is undoubtedly among the best money-making apps for cash and the most visible.

Etsy App

Price: Free

Top 10 Money Making Apps

Most people are artists, tinkers, and creators of some kind. These people can use an online store like Etsy to sell their various art and crafts. You can find many items there; almost all are handmade, limited edition, or some other type. Shop owners can sell anything they want. The app itself shows Sell on Etsy. It allows you to manage your store, orders, and listings. You can chat with potential customers and do other things. This is the right way for art lovers to make a few benefits. The app will help them do just that.

Ibotta App

Price: Free

Top 10 Money Making Apps

Ibotta is very similar to other discount apps for cash. The basic idea you have for both apps is the same. You shop in the store and buy something you would go to anyway. The app helps you get money back on purchases. The process is to choose the things you will buy, go shopping, and confirm the purchase. The app sends cash via Paypal, Venmo, or gift card. Like most people, it will not earn you much money. However, you can get a good penny when used with other monetization apps. So it’s worth shooting, at least.

Make Money: Ideas for Making Money App

Price: Free

Top 10 Money Making Apps

Make Money: The Benefits of Being Made are what the title says. Unlike scams, where they make bold promises that they can’t keep, this app tells you what’s inside a possible scenario. Along with a list of 60 tasks you can do at home, it also provides a list of relevant skills you will need to do. Some of them are simpler than others. For example, starting a blog or YouTube channel are just a few idea. It will not only produce money, but it will help give you ideas on how to do it without much effort. It is the most anticipated app for cash and for making money.


Price: Free

Paypal is a powerful platform. Most people know because of eBay. However, you can use the platform to do almost any business. It can accept payments from nearly anywhere globally, and you can use it to manage bills, costs, and sales from various websites if you want. Another PayPal app called PayPal Business is explicitly designed for small business owners. It will not make you money, but it can help if you have a business idea.

Sales Square

Price: Free

Square Point of Sale is an application that allows you to accept credit card payments from people. You will need to find a small device connecting to your phone, but you can swipe the cards and collect the money afterward. Using this, you can sell whatever you want wherever you like. Like Paypal, the app itself will not generate revenue for you. You will need to find willing customers. However, earning money in situations where you would not know it is helpful. The application is free to download, and subscribe to get a free magstripe reader.

Surveys on the go

Price: Free

Go Survey is an app that allows you to complete a financial survey. This one pays for cash, unlike many others where you get points or Google Ideas Awards. Granted, there are only a few surveys available in any given month. Therefore, do not expect the dough to roll. However, it is the most suitable for those who want to earn more money here and there. The app itself is a little designed but easy to use. It’s not entirely free, but it’s one of the most stable money-making apps as long as you don’t expect a month.

Uber or Lyft

Price: Free

The service industry has access to mobile phones in a big way. Uber and Lyft are travel services that employ real, personal people. You drive other people and make money by doing that. Additionally, drivers for food delivery services like GrubHub, UberEATS, etc., work similarly. Even domestic programming apps like Rover and DogVacay require people to live with other people’s animals. The service industry is starting to thunder on mobile, and everything I mentioned above has an app. They all make useful money-making apps. It’s worth checking out their sites to see if they’re renting (they’re probably permanent). UberEATS, Post Prisoners, and similar food delivery services are also great ideas if you are not worried about driving.


Price: Free / $ 12.99 per month

YouTube is a reputable source of income if you ignore the hard work. Getting into well-established places like the latest technology and news updates is almost impossible. Although you can find a good niche with a respectable audience, you can make a few benefits per month. It doesn’t expect tens of millions of subscribers, but the right content, consistency, and good habits can get you enough to profit. Heavy, competitive, and requires some skill. However, most people make good money with YouTube.

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