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Tips on How To Send View Once Pictures And Videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp launched the View once feature for iOS and Android customers after a series of leaks and speculations. The View once features automatically deletes an image or video after the recipient has opened it. Concerning the View Once pictures and videos feature, WhatsApp stated that it needs to provide users more control over their privacy. However, the best bit about the characteristic is that it doesn’t save the media to the recipient’s photograph gallery.

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For example, if you are standing outside an ATM and forget your pin for some weird cause, you may always ask your friend or member of the family to write down the hook on a piece of paper and send it to you as View once media. You’ll not wish to keep an ATM pin in your chat box forever. And you wouldn’t read and destroy it as quickly as you may. As a result, what if your cell phone gets snatched at that very moment? You wouldn’t need the thief to learn your ATM pin.

However, when WhatsApp introduced the feature, it warned users about sending View once media to only trusted contacts. The View, a display screen detection feature, does not support the media feature. That means you’ll never know whether or not the recipient has taken a screenshot of your media. Not only screenshots but the press may also record using a screen recorder, and the person also can use a secondary device to capture your media and share it whether people.

Now that the feature has rolled out, we might understand how you need to send pictures and videos to your family and friends using View Once media.

Tips on how to send View Once pictures and videos on WhatsApp

  • First things, to get the View once as a feature, you’ll have to update WhatsApp to the latest version from Apple Play Store or Google Play Store.
  • After updating WhatsApp, you may open any chat window and choose a picture or video to send to that person.
  • When you choose media, you will see a small circle on the dialogue box with one written inside it.
  • Tapping on one circle allows the View Once media.
  • Once you tap on it, it will probably send media as I circle Picture or Video.
  • After you’ve sent the View once media, choose the message and swipe right.
  • Once you swipe right, a new window will show you whether that message is open or seen by the recipient.
  • This feature also works on the group as effectively. First, send the media using the steps mentioned above.

After sending, you may choose the message and swipe right to see which group members have seen or opened the media.

You may disable the feature by tapping on one circle.

Notably, if you don’t open the message for 14 days, the media stays on the chatbox for these many days. However, after 14 days, the media will expire automatically. WhatsApp has stated that the View as soon as media protects by end-to-end encryption. So even WhatsApp can not see them, as with private messages.

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