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Time-saving Chrome extensions that you must try

Chrome extensions
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If you need to be more productive while browsing with Chrome, surely one of these extensions will interest you, so you don’t waste time.

Extensions make our navigation easier and useful, especially when working with a computer. There are all sorts of things, from those that fix spelling to those that store passwords, load pages quickly, precise code, block ads … In short, it’s just a matter of knowing what our needs are and what you choose for us.

However, one of the past problems is well known: there are too many extensions to choose from, and many do not deliver precisely what they promise. But if you want to improve your navigation, it is a useful tool, and we will help you with this about a few selected ones.

We have selected five extensions that will improve your browsing through Chrome and help you save time and be more productive; want to get to know them?

Default tab closure Extension

The Productivity Owl Extension wants to compel you to work faster and go straight to where it matters on all the pages you go to. The way to do this is to press on, knowing that the tab will close automatically at some interval. Something different from this practice may be displayed to avoid problems, such as your postmaster or company’s page.

Upgrade Gmail Extension

For those who think Gmail can be versatile and powerful, there is a Checker Plus for the Gmail system. How can Gmail be improved with this Chrome extension? Especially in the use of options and the opportunity to perform different tasks simultaneously, such as writing, reading, replying, input, marking as spam, sending messages to folders …

Accelerate roaming and equipment

This first extension ensures that the browser does not slow down when you have multiple tabs open and does so by stopping where it is not so that it does not work in the background. Keep in mind that videos are played numerous times, ads are uploaded repeatedly. And some processes remove power from the computer; with The Great Suspender, this does not happen.

Custom screenshots

We all know how to take screenshots with a simple keyboard button, but thanks to the Nimbus Screenshot extension. You can customize the part of the screen to save time. And you don’t have to turn on the image editor later to embed.

Better password management

LastPass is an extension that controls the passwords for each page you enter. And that we can share with other applications. Additionally, it can create passwords that are very difficult to break whenever you want. In short, an excellent way to protect essential information while browsing.

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