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This is the Nintendo console came close to releasing, According to a recent leak

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The recent data leak at Nintendo revealed that the company had the idea of launching a portable version of the GameCube on the table.

In recent months there has been a leak of data from Nintendo related to games and products from its old consoles, including the source code of classics such as Super Mario 64 and many titles in the Pokémon saga.

But as we learned today, the leak has brought to light projects that the Big N had on the table but ultimately did not come to fruition, as with a portable GameCube. We will tell you all the details:

The Twitter user and hacker, Toruzz, has attached a technical document that provides information about the GameCube portable model and where some of its components are detailed.

According to Toruzz, the Nintendo console would have incorporated a base with support for external controls, memory cards, a mini-DVD drive, and more features. The most curious thing is that the ground would also have allowed the portable GameCube to be connected to the TV … Are we facing a proto-Nintendo Switch?

It is unknown if this Nintendo console was in development and if there is a prototype. Or if it remained in the documents that have come to light today. Would you have liked to see a portable version of the GameCube? An entirely different story would have been launched, that, of course. So we leave you with the tweet of the person who has revealed the documents:

Last year, some Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons inspired by GameCube were revealed. These are already a reality. Although the beloved console no longer stars in much news, not long ago. They came to compare the size of the Xbox Series X with Xbox One, PS4, Switch … and even GameCube.

If the next-generation Nintendo consoles, Xbox Series X and PS5, have something in common. It is that they are going to be very big. We know the exact measurements from Microsoft: 15.1 cm x 15.1 cm x 30.1 cm. Come on, a good pillar 15 centimeters wide and 30 high.

We had already seen images of the Xbox Series X compared to other models of Xbox One or PS4. In addition, after the announcement of PS5, the sizes were compared (in an estimated way, yes). So PS5 is taller, but Xbox Series X is thicker. Both are good towers.

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