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Watch out! This fine from the DGT that reaches your email is a scam


The false fine of the DGT is back. If you receive this notification in your email, delete it as soon as possible: it is a scam to steal your bank details.

Cybercriminals use the same strategies repeatedly to deceive their victims, and the false fine from the DGT is one of the most common. Unfortunately, it is also circulating, so if you receive a message like the one in your inbox, delete it and ignore it since the objective is to steal your banking information.

The alarm has been raised by a user who has published a screenshot of an email he has received through his Twitter account. As you can see a little below, it is a message supposedly sent by the DGT.

The communication includes the logos of the Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of Traffic. It uses the typeface and colors that this body usually uses. And contains a link that supplants access to the DGT’s electronic headquarters.

The subject of this scam DGT email is “Traffic fine addressed to you” and includes a notification number to make the scam more credible. It informs the victim that it has a notification of an unpaid fine addressed to the user or their vehicle. And in red, it highlights that it is necessary to use Windows to view it.

As you can imagine, the link that supposedly leads to the DGT’s electronic headquarters is entirely false. The criminals aim to obtain your bank details or infect your computer with malware. For this reason, if you receive an email with these characteristics. What you have to do is delete it without clicking on the links.

Remember that you will not receive a notification of this type if you have a fine. Although the DGT already warned a few months ago that it would begin to send you the fines via mobile phone by SMS or email. To receive the traffic sanctions this way, you must first register with the Electronic Road Address ( DEV). And official notifications don’t look like this.

DGT continues its installation and already sends notifications and penalties via email or SMS with its use or its correspondence.

Until recently, DGT was sending fines notices and important documents by post. And many procedures had to be done in person at its offices. However, in recent years the movement for digital integration and service renewal has begun. As evidenced by the midget system.

But in addition to the use of DGT we have discussed in the past, there is also the Electronic Road Directorate (DEV). A communication channel where drivers can register to carry out the same procedures previously done on paper.

To register, follow the steps required on the official DEV page. There will be some benefits from where the user works. Such as quickly knowing any issues and not expecting a book.

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