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This is how powerful the new iPhone 12 processor is

new iPhone 12
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Apple’s new processor that will be available on the new iPhone and iPad has already set a new performance record in the Geekbench trial.

It has never been on the market, but Apple will compete and finally launch its new iPhone 12 lineup to try to be one of the rivals during this Christmas campaign.

In terms of build, perhaps users expect a lot. The iPhone 12 will be very powerful, thanks to the A14 Bionic processor made with a 5nm processor. That recently passed the first performance test at Geekbench, which is already proving its strength.

Geekbench’s performance appraisal uses a scoring system to determine the performance of various chips under different processes, earning points from consumers, and even manufacturers, who later put them on the table to show how good their cell phone is, though, in fact, these schools may vary depending on user usage.

However, the test results of Apple’s new Geekbench 5 A14 Bionic chip. This time the iPad shows that the processor will offer higher performance than the current A13 Bionic.

Apple unveiled the new iPad Air last month, revealing that its latest tablet will work with the A14 Bionic processor. The same processor will enable the new iPhone 12 series, unique to the 5nm processor with 11.8 billion transistors. Inside. This is for comparison as the current A13 Bionic has 8.5 billion transistors and is under a 7nm production process.

new iPhone 12
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Thus, it is not surprising that this measure returned 1583 points for single-core and 4198 for multiple cores. By comparison, the current A13 Bionic gains 1,329 points on a single spine and 3,468 different items. The existing Snapdragon 865 on Android phones has 930 single-core points and 3495 for multi-core.

Another iphone series expected to have a 5nm processor this year is the Huawei Mate 40. As for the 5nm Snapdragon processor, it will be the Snapdragon 875. This will probably be available early next year, starting with the Galaxy S21.

It may be borne in mind that the A14 Bionic processor has six CPU cores with two cores for high-performance, complex functions. In addition, some seats are used for general care.

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