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The New Gmail logo that will look like this

Google advances an essential change in its Gmail mail service logo. This would be more in line with the latest stamps released in the rest of its services.

Gmail has included many new features in recent months that have made it the most popular email client on the market. But the following significant change will not come as a feature. But a considerable variation in its logo.

If you are used to the current Gmail logo with the letter M on a white envelope, forget it because it seems that Google wants to bury this old logo that has been with us for many years to release a completely new one.

Google has sent 9to5 Google a technical drawing or sketch of how the new logo for Gmail looks as you look at the image, which is still under construction. A black and white design shows that the envelope icon is replaced with the letter M with rounded corners.

It is a drawing that is not finished yet. Still, if we look at other logos of Google itself, it is practically certain that the final version will incorporate the colors red, yellow, green, and blue.

But the logo change is likely to come with a multitude of new features that Google has yet to say anything about.

And it is unlikely that Google will release the logo, one of the most critical aspects of service. Without including any news about it in the application. So the user will also see new features or even the presence of other services such as direct access to Meet.

Curiously, a company’s logo is one of the essential aspects that different creatives must face. It will be the first image the user sees when using a service or an application.

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