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No More Headphones! Today’s Audio Device Beats are Audible Directly to the Listener

The technology company launched a future audio device, the SoundBeamer 1.0, which lights audio directly to the listener after discovering and tracking the user’s ear position without needing headphones.

The new desktop device, SoundBeamer 1.0 from Noveto, has shown the end of the headset. That sends audio waves to the listener to create small packets of audio waves.

The creators claim that users will listen to music, attend conference calls, play games, film, or listen to music using modern technology without disturbing anyone nearby.

soundbeamer audio device beams sound headphones

It will allow users to connect to the desktop via Bluetooth. And the company has promised to make the device ready for consumers to buy at Christmas time next year, reports Dailymail UK.

Novato said on his website that there are two ways to hear the sound so far. Including loud and clear through speakers or quietly and privately via headphones. He added that the company introduced a third and new way of listening using a proprietary technology called SoundBeaming.

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The company said an entirely new type of sensory listening would change how people hear the sound as the speaker emits ultrasonic sound waves – those outside the range of human hearing.

A 3D sensor built-in computer hardware detects and tracks the position of the user’s ears in real-time to be heard by the user but not someone else at this point. The ultrasonic waves combine to form small packets of sound outside the ears, freeing the user from annoying headphones.
The company provided the Associated Press with a desktop version of its device before launch. The Associated Press has called it a ‘direct listening sensation in a sci-fi movie with a 3D sound. That sounds like ‘inside your ears and above and behind them.
While the audio lighting concept is relatively new, Noveto was the first to introduce the technology. And its SoundBeamer 1.0 desktop device will be the first consumer brand.

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