Sony Catalog To be Released With PS5 Will Be The Best Ever in The Company


Will the Sony PS5 have the best launch catalog ever? Sony’s vice president bet yes and announced that there would be more announcements soon.

The launch of the Sony PlayStation 5 is approaching daily, and although they do not know what day it will hit stores, the console is slowly revealing its launch catalog. So naturally, one of Sony’s most influential people has been talking about this.

In the latest interview with Game Industry, Sony Interactive Entertainment Vice President Eric Lempel has been exploring the future release of PS5 and is confident that the games that will hit the console on the first day will be the best they have seen at the launch of the PlayStation console.

The content in the presentation window and beyond is entertaining. I would say that this is the best program we have seen in the history of the PlayStation, between our teams at Worldwide Studios and our partners from all the different publishers around the world.

We’ve unveiled some of this content and will naturally have more to come, but how developers interact with this platform and build these new IP and IP-based systems is incredibly exciting.

The director refers to the Sony catalog of unique items and third-party games. Of course, that will come to PS5, such as Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and many others. What games do you think can be included in the PS5 launch theme list?

About this series of launch games, it was only yesterday that it was known that Demon’s Remake Remake was divided into South Korea. Soon, allegations that it could be one of the PS5 launch games began to emerge.

What if Demon’s Souls Remake arrived earlier than expected on PS5? Many had wondered this when they learned that the Bluepoint Games game had been classified in South Korea.


Demon’s Souls Remake is one of the games that left the best taste in the mouth at the PS5 presentation. The title that will reimagine the PS3 classic and with which what would end up being the Souls saga began promises a lot, but we do not have much information.

Beyond the trailer that showed the first images of the game, we have been given details about its changes or arrival date on the console. However, new information has done many wonders that perhaps Demon’s Souls Remake is closer than we initially thought.

As Gematsu reported, Demon’s Souls Remake has been classified in South Korea by the game classification board called GRAC. This is much more important than it seems since classifying a game by age is usually done in the late development stages.

So, could this remake arrive earlier than expected? Of course, it is a possibility. Although it is not based on anything other than the above, it is only a guess.

It is undoubtedly worth noting that the only game classified so far has been Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales. However, this has already been confirmed as a launch title for PS5. Also, the rumors about the development of Demon’s Souls Remake by Bluepoint are not new and go back many months.

It is useless to make a carambola, but it is relevant information and considered. Do you want to suffer in Demon’s Souls Remake? The game confirmed the modes and graphic options that it will have on PS5 a few months ago. Do not miss the comparison between the graphics of Demon’s Souls’ remake for PS5 with those of the original.

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