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Some useful free Softwares in various categories

useful free Softwares

It’s a mobile country, but we haven’t completely abandoned the desktop. The actual work (and playback) of a computer requires a complete computer program, and to get the most out of it, you need helpful free Software.

These useful free Software may be expensive, but free programs have been the pattern of the desktop experience for decades, and today’s offerings are robust. Software developers can use an ad-based model, offer-ware to get things done, or a shareware / freemium model that charges additional features.

The thing you should always be aware of: is crapware connectors. To make the profits come together, many creators of useful free Software, or services that offer download programs, have many things you don’t want. Worse, the installation process hides the steps, allowing you to install an unwanted program. For more info on how to detect & avoid this problem, see How to Uninstall Crapware PC and check out the section below.

Tip pro: Only download useful free Software from the Software maker directly. It’s not blind proof – developers also want food, but it helps. That is why one of the ways to include it here is that the program is available directly from the manufacturer.

Other restrictions:

  • The software tools must be available directly from the original developer/builder/publisher.
  • The software should (generally) have Windows-based downloads. However, we have installed web-based apps that are better or better than other downloadable programs.
  • The free version cannot be fixed if the software is in a good sales model. Must have at least one free health option.
  • Ideally, the program had an update a year or two ago.
  • The program should have no advertising to support it. Some freemium software relies on displaying ads, however. We’ll add some if they don’t suck.


Audacity Software

Open-source Audacity is a useful free software that can record and organize audio files on more tracks than you can imagine. It shows exactly what you need, even in MP3, when you use the plug-in. Suitable for noobs and similar benefits on any desktop OS.



useful free Softwares

If This, Then That, IF IFTTT, is a website with apps and apps that automatically create your various web resources and intelligent devices. Want a backup created when creating a new contact? Looking for email or text alerts if the weather gets worse? Consolidation and permissions are not limited and are limited to your imagination. (Some features don’t give you full access, but hey).


Elsewhere in the world of automation between resources and applications, Zapier puts a focus on businesses & helps them get much out of every unique service they use. Prepare the product to go up. This free version allows you to perform up to 100 tasks per month.

Back-Up & Synchronization

useful free Softwares

Dropbox Basic

Place files in your Dropbox folder on the desktop, and they are uploaded to the cloud and synced with any other PC in the account. Files are also available through apps or the web. You can use the website to restore it. Dropbox offers 2GB of free online storage.

Microsoft OneDrive

Consider OneDrive an effortless and all-encompassing synchronization with a backup tool. Official cloud storage for Microsoft Office and Windows 10 users (built directly into the OS). OneDrive includes 5GB of free online storage. When you sign up for Microsoft 365, that storage is up to 1TB per user.


You get 5GB free from Drive to back up files on all your devices. When enough, you will receive this service in addition to your needs. It will back up your photos and videos from Facebook.

(Wondering about Google Drive? Listed, but under Office Suites.)

AOMEI Backupper

The standard, free version of this software can create a complete system image, back up the entire Drive or specific partitions, and organize the files and folders you specify. Sorry, the whole drive option for one now will cost you a pro price.


useful free Softwares

Mozilla Firefox

The popular Firefox browser stays in our Choice Editors. Because it is highly customizable, it is secure in security, privacy, and performance and supports the recognition of new standards.

Google Chrome

Chrome is still reaching the top as a browser we should keep in your carriers. Especially if you’re a dedicated Google product – built on Chrome OS on Chromebooks, so it’s OS. However, this is probably not the browser you want if you are a privacy advocate, even if it will stop supporting cookies in the future.

Cleaning / Repairing Equipment

CCleaner Free Software

The first C is for the Explosion! CCleaner software removes available files, including OS and browsers. Get it and run it, always. It will delete some apps that you didn’t think you could finish.

Defraggler Software

Hard disk drives have become a bit of a hassle when driving a terabyte, but getting a lower speed of data access is still a wise thing. Defraggler software integration makes it easy to brainstorm. It works even for solid-state drives (SSDs).

Also: How to Retrieve Deleted Files on Mac

Conferencing Software

Skype Software

Skype is similar to video integration. There is a reason for our review of the editors of Skype Choice, now owned by Microsoft, “a highly structured efficient and efficient application for all the platforms you can think of (including a browser) and offers more communication options than any of its competitors.” Free, you can make unlimited video calls for Skype users, even groups of users. Also, its real-time translation ability is straightforward without science fiction.

GoToMeeting Free Software

Up to three persons on PCs can use this app to video chat and share screens without money or any other set except for URLs or edit code. Sign up for an account, sign in with your Google or Facebook account, and then enter the regular “service” meeting for online use. Because it is web-based, it works on any desktop or laptop.

Zoom in – Software

Want to host a conference online with over 100 of your closest friends? Zoom-in software can get everyone looking at a display for up to 40 minutes on any device or smartphone. It will also allow direct HD video meetings. And you can discuss everything you want.

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