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Sliding tabs, the new feature of Google Chrome for Windows that you should try

In its chrome latest version, Google is trying a new feature called “sliding tabs,” which makes it easier for us to surf the Internet or work with a browser.

Suppose you are accustomed to using various browsers to interact with the Internet, especially to work. In that case, you will have noticed that when we open multiple tabs in Chrome. They are pressed to a size you cannot or will not appreciate.

Suppose, in chrome’s latest version, you have opened too many Chrome tabs where the size has been dramatically reduced. It is impossible even to know which ones we had opened when their favicon collapsed, which is a problem.

Google is very concerned because it recently introduced the opportunity to collect all tabs by creating a series of groups we can rename freely. However, they also work to develop folding tabs with their positive and negative points.

chrome latest version, download latest version of chrome for windows 10
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The rolling tab is a feature found in Google Canary version 88.0.4284.0. And can be configured with a flag called “Scrollable TabStrip” or sliding tabs. In a stable performance, it is not yet available. But it will be possible soon.

chrome latest version, download latest version of chrome for windows 10
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Its use is also straightforward: once we open several tabs, instead of reducing the size as we open more. We can scroll through it using the mouse wheel. We can also navigate tabs using side buttons, left arrows, and right hand.

This is an essential feature if you do not want different tabs to fall, but the problem is that you will not have all the accounts at once. So you should keep in mind the ones you have previously opened.

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