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An average PC has 14 security vulnerabilities on average, a study reveals

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All computers have vulnerabilities and are open to espionage or malpractice. That is an aspect of that a few questions, the problem is sometimes in the number of security vulnerabilities. That exists and in which systems exist the most. It is not new that the Microsoft operating systems lead to this aspect. Although the truth is that it expected that with Windows 10, it would solve.

The company Kenna Security has carried out the study Prioritization to Prediction (volume 5). In Search of Assets at Risk, where it has investigated the vulnerabilities of the different operating systems. And the devices where they used. This research has analyzed more than nine million devices from 450 organizations. And they did not like what they found in Windows 10.

As revealed in Forbes, Windows 10 is the most widely used system by far. But 215 million security vulnerabilities were found in total. And of which 179 million have already fixed.

At Kenna Security, they knew they would encounter a multitude of problems with Windows 10. But “they didn’t expect it to be as many as the study suggests.” The number is much higher than the sum of those found on Linux, Mac, and devices with their systems.

As for Windows 10 PCs, the number of known exploit security vulnerabilities is 14 per computer. So that they may be in more significant amounts. It should clarify that it refers to problems at the same time as the study. So there will be others that have solved, and new ones that they will discover over time. But that number of vulnerabilities already betrays the critical problem that always exists with Windows.

Still, the studio is partly sympathetic to Microsoft and praises the company for working to repair any bugs found quickly. About 200 failures are usually detected each month. And all solved at an average of 36 days.

They state in the report that “the speed at which Microsoft can repair critical vulnerabilities in its systems is remarkable.”

Ultimately, the message that remains after the report is that using Windows 10 represents a risk for computers. But also increases the chances that problems will be solved. The dilemma is in how that window of time valued between failure is discovered and addressed. Although the reality is that the vast majority of users do not want to change their Microsoft operating systems. As we have seen over the years.

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