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OBS Studio Screen Recorder

OBS Studio is a popular screen recorder tool for your gameplay. And more for blasting it out to the world. The OBS Studio screen recorder can broadcast your game streams to Twitch and YouTube. OBS is also used for creating screencasts. It’s a good program. But, this screen recorder is overkilled for each person who desires a quick and easy sports capture answer.

OBS Studio packs lots of functions and settings. And in case you’re willing to put in the time to study it. This application gives excellent flexibility to electricity users. OBS Studio includes a wizard to help optimize your streaming or recording video setup to ease the studying curve. While you first fireplace up the program.

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OBS works fine if you have a multiscreen setup where you can observe OBS on one show. And play your sport on the opposite, though that’s not a demand. Unlike the different apps, OBS doesn’t throw up an in-game overlay. Instead, it does its paintings in the historical past. You’ll also have to tell OBS to start recording or streaming once your game goes for walks or before you fire it up.

Except you’re inclined to install some time researching this software program or have desires beyond simple game recording. Expert Twitch streamers swear using OBS and its deep, configurable power—OBS Studio isn’t for you.

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Overall performance

OBS Studio is quite a low impact on price range structures. On the Metro, the remaining light Redux benchmark our finances trying out rig averaged 58 frames. According to the second, the whole thing is set to low without OBS Studio walking. Once OBS became going, it dropped to 50.33fps. That’s a drop, you would note, at some stage in heavy gaming moments. But it’s nonetheless inside the playable range for financial systems.

It additionally lacks many of the available functions of other applications. Including perform and Nvidia’s GeForce experience permit by default. Hitting a hotkey to keep onto the previous few seconds or mins of gameplay to document a remarkable moment for posterity. You can set this up on OBS. But it calls for some configuration and isn’t an out-of-the-box solution. While you do set it up. But, the character is customizable in a manner that different software programs can’t suit

The drop in the department benchmark turned even more minor, averaging 55. 6fps without OBS Studio and 51fps after it turned into walking.


OBS Studio is an excellent software for superior customers. It could configure to your needs. As a recording application and even create a professional-stage final product for websites. Which include YouTube and Twitch. It also has quite a profound effect on body prices for budget structures.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ  Screen Recorder is an unfastened application for Google Android devices. That lets you record the display of your Android device without difficulty.

A pair of things are interesting approximately the app. First, it must not root so you can use it without rooting your tool.

Second, the free version does not limit you in any manner. Recordings have no time restriction. And there is no watermark on the captured content.

A top-rate version provides features that include GIF conversion, display drawing, and trimming. And cutting or magic button capability to the app.

AZ display Recorder

The software calls for pretty some permissions to do its paintings. Depending on your Android version and flavor, you can allow specific permissions before using it.

As soon as this is out of the manner, you could start it up like another app. The software presents a bubble-manipulate at the left aspect that you may interact with. You could interact with it from the notifications place if you decide.

Please notice that the bubble hides once you begin to report a video. This means you need to stop playback from the notification region.

Because that is not perfect, as you flatten the notification area. And stopping the video recorded as well. You can want to feature other supported stop techniques.

You do that in the options and can add the latter:
  1. Forestall on screen off.
  2. Stop on shake.
  3. Enable time restriction.
  4. Display red blinking dot.

The “forestall on screen off” approach worked great for me, but it’s as much as you can take care of this.


At the same time as we’re at it, the settings provide a spread of alternatives you may need to go through on the first start. There you put the resolution and frames of the taking picture in keeping with 2d as an example. The decision won’t be the cellphone’s native resolution but a lower one.

To improve the recording performance and reduce the dimensions of the captured records on the tool’s garage reminiscence.

You can grow the price as much as the Android device’s native decision and might push fps from 30 to most of 60.

Alternatives to trade the bitrate from auto to a price between 1 Mbps and 12 Mbps. To file audio, show textual content or logo, or other camera-related settings provided.

Another beneficial choice is the output directory route. This can be useful if your telephone supports SD cards as you can store recordings.

You may begin your first recording when you accomplish it. Either hit the bubble and select record video from it or bring down the notifications region. And choose the recording choice there.

AZ screen Recorder counts down from three before recordings begin. You could disable that within the options or set it to another cost in seconds if you want greater or much less time.

The first body of the recording is displayed on the screen while the recording stops. Options are supplied to share, thrash the recorded video, or dismiss it. Commercials are displayed on the screen but not in the video itself.


AZ Screen Recorder is an excellent video to seize software for Android and PC. That is simple to apply yet compelling enough. It no longer offers an equal degree of recording as capture hardware does. Its miles appear an unusual activity.

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