Samurai Jack Game: The Battle for Time Update (PS4)

samurai jack game


  • A wonderful atmosphere of cartoons
  • The return of the original voice actors
  • An exciting and influential combat system


  • Expired platform parts
  • It’s repetitive in the middle
  • The problems of the flow of war caused by specific pornography

Suppose you grew up with Cartoon Network’s biggest songs, The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, or Cura the Dogardly Dog. It means you had a fantastic childhood. However, one who stood out because of the high level of storytelling, unique cuts, and highly mature characters was Samurai Jack. Now a series that receives many accolades and even won the Primetime Emmy Award invites us on a dangerous journey during the re-enactment of Aku’s tricks.

Although he progressed on other projects, Geddy Tartakovsky’s most successful career remains Samurai Jack. Two years after the series last season, we got the turn of an unexpected video game that took things to the end of the cartoon. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time promises a new adventure where the hero and his well-known friends are forced into another timeline. The narrative mainly comprises cutscenes and a few conversations since the game focuses on battles. You can see this in this video.

The endless desire to win the Aku is an excuse to lose by hitting your way through the levels. In the samurai jack game, you will meet De Samurai, the Scottsman and his daughters, Rothchild, and many others during your accidents. While your enemies try to block your progress, your friends will act as support characters across all levels. Give you valuable items or sell you various upgrades.

Though a new creation story, the game itself represents a journey to the path of memory and arouses great interest among fans. After viewing the general introduction, you will visit places already seen in the cartoon, where you will stumble upon all the familiar characters. It is noteworthy that all the friends and opposing enemies were healed by the same voice actors who worked on the TV series. Also, the martial arts are as clean and stylish as they were in the cartoons. While other games have been targeted at this franchise, no one is close to reviving the original spirit of Battle Through Time.

This new samurai jack game can best be described as a third-person action game in which the engineers choose to make spices at the top by switching to a 2D view and adding layouts. The battles themselves are high-speed, fantastic, and varied because of the different weapons you can take. If you wish to remain faithful to cartoons, you can only rely on your sword, but close combat with various weapons is much fun not to try. However, it would be best to remember that any weapon other than your Magic Sword would break. You can use light and massive attacks, which can be tied with chains.

After collecting enough orbs, you can also unleash a powerful charging attack that can be improved along with all your other skills using the skill tree. Divide into three categories, Physical, Fighting, and Spiritual and continuous improvement of your skills is required in the face of the ever-increasing difficulties you have to face.

In the Samurai Jack game, you can choose from three different difficulty levels, while the first is just a breeze. The latter makes it difficult to defeat even the most basic enemies. Choosing the level of difficulty of the Master of Masters, the battles of the bosses will make you sweat like a black ninja dressed in the middle of the desert. The level design through the line is enjoyable, and each level has hidden nooks and crannies. The developers did their best to hide the various clues that would increase the desire to watch cartoons.

Samurai Jack’s game main story: Battle Through Time, is short; it covers only nine levels. And in about half, you’ll feel like you’ve seen everything the developers want to throw at you. This is the game’s biggest mistake: it goes into a process that takes away from the primary thing’s beauty. As a result, there is no unexpected turnaround, and some of the latest boss fights may seem dull.

The visual style is what you would expect from a Samurai Jack, made of cartoons and unwanted. Blurring can feel like a bottle because Jack can’t do any more action until the attack images are finished. This makes it difficult to catch the rhythm of battles, which can lead to the effect of snow. Also, this makes it difficult to break free from the ongoing attacks of your enemies.

Another difficulty to explain is the slow pace of climbing the wall. It is fair to say that Jack’s condition can be assessed at a glance: missing an incoming attack will lead to crying in your trunk. And Jack’s speech will be even more traumatic. Finally, the actor’s voice is accompanied by songs that are very common to cartoon fans. It enhances the feeling that you play a significant role in the cartoons.

The conclusion

Despite a few mistakes, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is a fun game with a lot to offer. At the same time, the main story provides about 5 hours of quality entertainment. Completing it opens up a different mission where you must have the best waves after challenging enemies. Those who can’t rest until they have everything can return to any completed levels to find the collection they may have missed.

So while it may seem short, the game is full of engagement action with enough content to prove its worth. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is a theme to be played by cartoon lovers. And it should be picked up by those who want an action game, too, even if they don’t know one of the most famous ninjas who have recently been kind to pop culture.

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