Samsung The Sero Review, Analysis, and Opinion

The Best

  • Unique and eye-catching design
  • Sound 4.1 – Dolby Atmos
  • Without HDMI 2.1
  • No need support

The Worst

  • Screen quality
  • HDR
  • Access to connectors
  • Price

Heresy for many purists and a format to explore for trend hunters. The vertical video format is here to stay. The Sero is the first television that moves with ease in both horizontal and vertical formats. We tell you everything in this review of Samsung The Sero.

Samsung never ceases to amaze us with its latest creations in which it innovates in its designs to adapt to new technological trends, daring to launch products that, perhaps, are ahead of their time.

Samsung The Sero is the first television with a rotating screen that is comfortable showing traditional content in landscape format or breaks the rules of audiovisual purism by betting on vertical formats that have promoted massive social networks such as TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.

The concept is as simple as using the TV screen horizontally to view “traditional” content, or connecting The Sero to your smartphone or tablet to watch the most viral and fun videos from your social networks in their native vertical format, but in a size of 43″ and 4K resolution. Of course, turning your TV into a 43-inch smartphone will not be cheap because it costs 1,320 euros.

Samsung The Sero Specifications

Dimensions (with stand)56,5 x 120 x 32,7 cm
Dimensions (without stand)56,5 x 122,8 x 8,3 cm
Weight33.3 Kg (with base) | 26 Kg (without stand)
Screen typeQLED
Screen size43 inches
Screen resolution4K UHD (3.840 x 2.160 px)
Aspect ratio16:9
Image processorQuantum Processor 4K
Formats HDRHDR10+ | HLG | Quantum HDR
SoundSystem 4.1 | 60 W | Dolby Digital Plus
Voice controlVoice control with the remote
Operating systemTizen
Home automation integrationGoogle Assistant | Alexa | AirPlay 2 and Homekit
Connections3 x HDMI (1 x ARC) | 2 x USB | Terrestrial and satellite antenna | CI | Wi-Fi ac | Bluetooth 4.2
Price1,320 euros

Avant-garde for an a typical design in a television

A few weeks ago, we saw how Samsung was betting heavily on the Galaxy Buds Live design, totally wireless Bluetooth headphones with a groundbreaking design, and winked at interior designers with other ways of conceiving the design television with The Serif.

Today it is the turn of Samsung The Sero, the latest genius or madness of the South Korean brand for the segment of televisions with avant-garde design that already has its section in the Samsung catalog.

Samsung The Sero

Sero in Korean means vertical, so it seems like they ran out of creativity when designing a TV, which cannot be denied that it is undoubtedly iconic.

Samsung The Sero
With such a Samsung The Sero atypical television, no one will be surprised that its packaging is too, and for television of only 43 inches, its box has a considerable size.

As a curious note, Samsung has decorated the box with a dot-matrix around its perimeter and has added a QR code on the outside. When done with it, instead of throwing it away, you can access a Samsung website through that QR code and follow the instructions to recycle the box by building a house for your pet, decoration accessories, and even a piece of furniture for him. Television.

Samsung The Sero

The entire body is covered with a rugged polycarbonate in the Navi Blue color that corresponds to a navy blue, except for the back of the screen that draws a parallel line pattern, almost the same as in 2020 Samsung QLED TVs.

The rear bracket is covered by housing that exposes the foot anchor itself and a system of grooves that route the cables from the connectors on the TV to the floor.

It seems to us that the connectors’ location is not the most successful since they are encased in a cover just below the anchor of the support, leaving little space to hit the cable in the connector.

In this area, we find the following connectors:

  •      3 HDMI 2.0 (one of them with eARC function)
  •      2 USB 2.0 ports
  •      CI slot
  •      Coaxial inputs (DTT and satellite)

As in the case of the Samsung The Serif, this model does not have an Ethernet connector and is limited to offering a WiFi connection to restrict its freedom of movement.

In fact, due to the excess weight, we have already mentioned and the difficulty that this implies to move it, Samsung has designed a set of wheels as an accessory purchased separately to change the TV location with minimal effort.

It must be recognized that once connected and covered with its corresponding cover, both connectors and cables are entirely concealed.

One custom remote control to control turning

Samsung The Sero

Samsung integrates its One Remote Control into most high-end models. However, although at first glance, the remote control of the Samsung The Sero maybe like the rest, at short distances, an interesting detail is appreciated that makes it unique.

In appearance, it is the same minimalist remote control with minimal buttons as always, which sports a white finish and really good ergonomics that makes using it very comfortable.

However, there is a button located in the upper right that catches our attention. That is, where the direct access to Ambient mode is usually found, in The Sero, we see the button that activates the magic by rotating the screen in about three seconds.

A state-of-the-art television, but without the best technology

Samsung The Sero

Samsung The Sero is a 4K television with a unique and innovative design that aims at a young audience that does not prioritize excellence in the image, but the best connectivity with other devices.

In The Sero, we will not find a premium screen like those mounted by its high-end QLED Q series cousins, such as the Samsung QLED Q95T that we had the opportunity to analyze, but a screen with a fast response that allows very versatile use.

Unlike the rest of Samsung’s QLED models, The Sero mounts a 43″ IPS panel instead of the rest of the range, and 4K UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels).

Despite not being a particularly bright screen, The Sero is compatible with HDR Quantum HDR, HLG, and HDR 10+ formats and a Supreme UHD Dimming system complemented by the Quantum Dot particle filter to provide more extraordinary richness in colors.

Tizen is still in shape when it comes to connectivity.

Connectivity is one of the pillars for Samsung The Sero since its main attraction; its rotating screen is based on recognizing the screen’s orientation to which it is connected.

In this sense, Tizen remains in top shape by relying on Samsung’s SmartThings platform’s multi-device connection capabilities. Thanks to it, connecting your smartphone, tablet, or any other device to your TV is easy.

First, install the Samsung SmartThings app on the device and use the Smart View function, which is nothing more than sending a mirror of your device’s screen to The Sero to see your social networks’ timeline on a 43-inch screen.

Android users will have no significant problems controlling The Sero with their smartphone. On the other hand, if an Apple device is used, the experience is very limited. Since this system does not allow the recognition of the orientation of the screen. So The Sero will not rotate when you turn your terminal.

Samsung The Sero, a TV sitting on 4.1 speakers

At the beginning of this analysis, we highlighted the weight of The Sero, even higher than that of much larger models. This weight is largely justified by the structure that allows it to stand on its own. And that Samsung has taken advantage of integrating a complete 4.1 sound system in its base.

Just below the screen, you can see an area covered with a cloth under which a complete system is hidden. Consisting of a pair of tweezers, four woofers for medium frequencies. And a subwoofer with a rear output to intensify the bass.

This system offers a total power of 60 W. Thanks to the greater availability of space and the separation of frequencies in independent elements. They provide a good quality sound that can easily be equipped with that offered by an entry-level soundbar.

Taking into account that The Sero is aimed at a young audience, music will have a very prominent presence in this terminal. This can quickly fulfill the role of sound equipment by sending streaming music content from the smartphone or from the app itself. Spotify installed on The Sero.

A Samsung television for those who do not watch TV

We come to the end of the analysis of Samsung The Sero television. A device that surprises those who can face one. Seeing a 43-inch screen rotating on itself is not something you see every day,

Is Samsung The Sero a TV that is going to break all sales rankings? Well, probably not. Its target audience is so specific that it is a minority, but Samsung The Serif has already taught us that the South Korean firm also manufactures devices for that very exclusive audience.

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