Samsung Galaxy Z

This is how the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks in this leaked image

Samsung Galaxy Z

The Samsung brand has earned respect as one of the top companies in the technology industry. Its products accompany us in our day to day: Galaxy smartphones and tablets, Smart TVs with excellent image quality, smart appliances … But the story of the Korean manufacturer is quite curious and goes far beyond the world of technology.

For a decade, Samsung has established as one of the leading technology products in the global market.

At the moment, Samsung stands out above all others with its Smartphones, especially the high-end ones, which with each new launch, are soon among the best-selling and most rated lists, as well as other products like Apple.

However, they have many other products that have gained the credibility of millions of users worldwide. Samsung tablets, smartwatches, headphones and televisions are an excellent example of the brand’s popularity.

In addition, they have also made a place for themselves in many homes thanks to a wide range of household appliances, sound equipment, and even smart devices such as security cameras and hubs to control all the devices connected on the same network.

The first press image of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has been leaked. This is what the new generation of the Samsung folding mobile looks like.

Just over two weeks away from the Samsung Unpacked and, as usual, these days, the rumors related to the new products that are going to be presented at the event do not stop happening. Today is the turn of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which has finally revealed its design in the first press image that has been leaked.

After some rumors indicated that its release was to be delayed. It seems that finally, we will see the Galaxy Z Fold 2 on the next Samsung Unpacked stage. Although its launch will not take place until autumn. The device’s possible characteristics have been widely leaked. And now we have the opportunity to admire it in the alleged renders that the South Korean company is going to present to the press thanks to the popular leaker Ice Universe.

If we compare the terminal image with that of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. You can clearly see the growth in the size of the screens that the rumors had already announced.

According to information from the supply chain, the main screen will go from 7.3 to 7.7 inches. With a resolution of 2,213×1,689 pixels, an aspect ratio of 11.8: 9 & a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

The secondary exterior screen is the one that will grow the most. And in the filtered image, you can see it clearly (it is the screen that appears highlighted in red in the Ben Geskin tweet that we have left you a little above). As we can see, this screen will go from edge to edge and will have a hole in the upper central part to house the front camera.

If the rumors are correct, the external screen goes from 4.6 inches from the original model to 6.23 inches. With a resolution of 2,267 x 819 pixels and an aspect ratio of 24: 9.

The color in which the Galaxy Z Fold 2 appears in this render is known as Mystic Bronze. The same color in which other upcoming products have appeared. Such as the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Buds Live headphones.

Given the position of the device, we cannot clearly see the photographic equipment. At first glance, the rear cameras module is very similar to those of the Galaxy S20 series. And according to the latest rumors, the new folding mobile will come with the same cameras.

Finally, another detail that comes to confirm the filtered render is the name change. This becomes Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

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