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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 vs. Galaxy Fold: What has changed?

samsung galaxy z fold

Samsung continues to bet heavily on mobile phones with a folding screens. The new Samsung Galaxy Z fold two has just been released. Continue or an actual new generation?

The smartphone market has been down for a long time without providing a new experience of what it means to use a mobile phone. The wrap-up and the second screen are fundamental changes, and Samsung knows that whoever comes first will have more to win.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold was the first trial to be paid for the hazards, with the wrapping method’s problems. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Flip option, with a single vertical folded screen, was very different. Now comes the new Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Technically, it is the Fold’s origin, but it has a Z in the middle of its name if you look closely. That’s because it includes some of the new features released in the Z Flip, as we’ll see. They go well with beauty and have the same functions, but significant changes exist. So how is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Fold different?


samsung galaxy z fold

If there is something where both phones are very similar, that is undoubtedly in their beauty and philosophy.

Both retain the same design: an internal folding screen, a book replica, and an external mobile screen without needing to fold it.

The building materials are identical, although Fold 2 has new colors (Bronze and Black) and a custom-made backbone.


samsung galaxy z fold

The big difference starts with two screens.
In the case of the folded panel, Samsung managed to reduce the private sector by 27%. This can increase the screen area without increasing the height of the cell phone. In this case, however, the width of an inch can increase the diagonal from 7.3 to 7.6 inches.

One of the most significant improvements of Fold 2 is that it removed the note or large eyebrow Fold had and inserted it into an intelligent hole in the screen. The result is even more impressive:

samsung galaxy z fold

There is also the development of light. While Fold allows three levels to be set at 420, 600, and 800 nits, Fold2 rises to 450, 700, and 900 nits.
But a big difference in the external display. Only a central area of ​​the Fold case, with a size of 4.6 inches. In Fold, it’s easy to get into the front of the whole, reaching 6.2 impressive inches.

And all this by reducing the thickness of the cell phone by a few millimeters in Fold2.

Finally, we should highlight the great refreshment of the screen. The new Fold 2 display operates at a variable speed between 11 and 120 Hz:

samsung galaxy z fold

It uses 11 Hz when viewing the image without motion, between 24 and 120 Hz for video viewing, and between 48 and 120 Hz for playing video games.

It is the most crucial development in itself that ensures renewal.

A completely new hinge

We have already talked about the problems the first Fold gap had, which we can see in our Galaxy Fold analysis:

The hook on the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 is entirely different. Based on the model used on the Galaxy Z Flip, which uses real body hinges to wrap the screen and keep it fixed at a certain angle.

But the CAM structure of Fold 2 is strengthened by adding additional hinges on each side because the molded area is much larger than the Z Flip:
Another vital improvement taken from Flip uses a channel covering the entire hinge stream. Indeed, a fiber such as a small broom, which cleans the hinge and at the same time prevents dust from getting inside the cell:

The fold 2 Folder is a real improvement over the previous one, and when we do not check ourselves, the videos and technology shown appear to be very high.


SpecificationsGalaxy FoldGalaxy Z Fold 2
Interior Screen7.3 “Dynamic AMOLED 4.2: 3 QXGA + 2,152 x 1,536 pixels and 326 dpi, with HDR10 +Dynamic 2X AMOLED display with 7.6 inches QXGA + (2,208 x 1,768 pixels) up to 900 nits
   External display4.6 “Super AMOLED 21: 9 HDR format 1,680 x 720 pixels and 399pp6.2-inch Super AMOLED display with 2260 x 816 pixels
ProcessorSnapdragon 8557nm 64-bit 8-core processor
Memory12GB12 GB
Storage512 GB256 GB (UFS 3.1)
Main Cameras12 MP (f / 1.5 / f / 2.4) with optical stabilization (77º) 16 MP f / 2.2 wide angle (123 degrees) 12 MP f / 2.4 2X telephoto with optical stabilization (45º)12 MP Ultra wide angle f / 2.2 and 1.12-micron pixel size 12 MP wide-angle f / 1.8, 1.8-micron pixel size, with OIS and Pixel AF 12 MP telephoto f / 2.4 and 1-micron pixel size
Front Camera10 MP f / 1.9 8 MP f / 2.2 auxiliary (dynamic focus)10 MP f / 2.2 and 1.22-micron pixel size
Camera cover10 MP f/2.210 MP f / 2.2 and 1.22-micron pixel size
Conexiones4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 5 (802.11 ac)4G LTE, 5G (Sub6 / mmWave), Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 6 (802.11 axes)
SoundStereo speakersDynamic stereo speakers
Dual SIMNot facilitatedYes (depending on the country)
Battery4,380 mAh (dual cell) Fast Charge (5V2A / 9V1,65A)Dual battery with 4,500 mAh and fast wireless or wired charging
Operating SystemAndroid 9Not facilitated
AuthenticationFingerprint reader and facial recognitionFingerprint reader and facial recognition
Unfolded dimensions160,9 x 117,9 x 6,9 mm159,2 x 128,2 x 6,9 – 6 mm
Folded dimensions160,9 x 62,9 x 15,5 – 17,7 mm159,2 x 68 x 16,8 – 13,8 mm
Weight276 grams282 grams
ColorsGrayBronze and Black, and four additional colors for the hinge
Price2,020 euros2,009 euros

In the specification phase, the difference is much smaller than expected. This table gives us all the data at a glance:

As we also see, the surprise of the comparison is that the Hardware for Fold 2 has never improved about Fold and other aspects below.

The processor will get a little better in Fold2, and even if Samsung doesn’t disclose it, it’s probably Snapdragon 855. But the RAM is the same, and Fold 2 has a storage space of 256 GB.

In the camera section, we see that the Fold is on top in some features, such as a large sensor opening, wide sensor adjustment, or a dual-camera selfie sensor.

But Samsung has introduced new technology to Z Fold 2, adding new features that we have seen this year to other mobiles. Most notable is Night Mode, taking pictures almost in the dark.

In addition, Fold two dramatically enhances the camera mode with the folded mobile and supports table (Flex Mode) and uses artificial intelligence to track people in the frame, so it can automatically record videos on the go.

All other hardware is the same, including the battery and fast charging. Galaxy Z Fold 2 introduces 5G connectivity and WiFi 6, two of the most important developments.

Many new features in the software

Another factor that determines the balance in favor of Fold 2 is software. Samsung has made several improvements to the program layer, which we discussed in the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

Fold two significantly improved the transfer of the application from the external screen to the extended internal screen, with a better visual structure. And an organization to do multiple tasks with windows 2 and 3 simultaneously.

Flex mode has been upgraded due to a new door. It is now being used by many other applications in an innovative and automated way, changing the interface of the interface by doubling and placing the phone:

It is smoother, more refined, and more efficient. Unfortunately, Samsung has not specified how many of these enhancements will work in Fold, if any …

In summary, except for two specific features, such as cameras and storage, the Fold 2 goes far beyond its predecessors. Of course, large screens without a large note are essential. But, above all, the hinge: is an entirely new technology that seems reliable and robust and allows for better screen adjustment at certain angles.

In all this, we include Night Mode, an advanced camera app, and several performance enhancements to the system framework. Unless there is a vast price difference, the most sensible thing is to choose a new Galaxy Fold 2 and say goodbye to the old Fold.

The new Fold 2 arrives on the market at a launch price of 2,009 euros. It is now available in a pre-purchase format, with a delivery scheduled for September 18.

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