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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Review, Analysis and Opinion

samsung galaxy s6 tab

The Best

  •  Design
  •  Screen to match
  •  performance
  •  S-Pen: included and useful

 The Worst

  •  Memory speed
  •  Camera performance
  •  The time it takes to load
  •  Without fingerprint reader

We have been watching series, playing, and working with the new Samsung tablet for a few weeks, a proposal for the mid-range that wants to take over the educational and entertainment segment. Your tricks? Almost perfect balance and an S-Pen that gives a lot of game, and then we give you our opinion in this review of the Samsung galaxy s6 tab Lite. We will check if it complies with both consuming contents and creating it.

Samsung is a company that continues to face Apple in all segments. It is the only alternative to the iPad (to any of the Apple tablet models) we can see in the market with Android and all the Google services.

In recent months we have analyzed the different proposals of the South Korean company for different ranges. The top one is the Samsung galaxy s6 tab. This professional tablet has the DeX environment and a keyboard case that is sold separately and is an ideal complement to a production environment. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2019 is the best for pure and simple entertainment, a tablet to surf the internet, watch Netflix, and enjoy content consumption.

Now comes the Samsung galaxy s6 tab Lite, a model that cuts features of the Tab S6 and wants to take over an exciting market segment: education, content consumption, and office productivity. Let’s go with the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite before leaving you with its main technical characteristics.
Galaxy Tab S6 LiteGalaxy Tab S6
Screen10.4 “TFT
2,000 x 1,200 px resolution
16:10 aspect ratio
The density of 224 pixels per inch
10.5 ” SuperAMOLED
2,560 x 1,600 px resolution
16:10 aspect ratio
The density of 287 pixels per inch
ProcessorExynos 9611Snapdragon 855
Memory RAM4GB6 GB (there is an 8 GB version)
Storage128 GB (there is a 256 GB version)128 GB (there is a 256 GB version)
port and connectionUSB Type-C
Bluetooth 5.0
WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
USB Type-C
Bluetooth 5.0
WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
Dimensions  244.5 x 154.3 x 7mm
467 grams
244.5×159.5 x 5.7 mm
420 grams
Case / KeyboardSold separately:

– Book Cover for 69.90 euros Sold separately: – Book Cover for 67 euros
– Book Cover Keyboard for 180 euros
Battery7,040 mAh
15W charge, charger included
7,040 mAh
15W charge, charger included
Price412 euros719 euros

Samsung Galaxy S6 tab Lite, A gorgeous design where the word Lite no longer means “worse.”

We start by talking about design and giving good news. And it is that, as soon as you take the tablet out of your hand, you realize that the term Lite does not do it justice. When we talk about Lite devices, the head goes to those first Lite mobiles and “mini” versions of some terminals (of this, Samsung knows enough) that not only did not measure up but did not deserve the name that accompanied that Lite or mini-term.

Huawei began to change that with the P8 Lite, and the truth is that no one would guess that this is a cut model compared to the Samsung galaxy s6 tab. The name may not be the most accurate because it is not a lacking Tab S6; it is … well, something else. Made the reflection, we are going with a design with dimensions of 24 centimeters high and 15 wide if we take the tablet vertically. We do not have buttons or logos on the front (thank you, Samsung), so the frames are symmetrical and do not mark the correct way to take them.

samsung galaxy s6 tab
The truth about the Galaxy s6 tab is that its front avoids any distraction and the best way to define it is the term used a few lines ago sober. The sides are extremely thin, only 7 millimeters, and they are also textured aluminum.

 If we talk as if the Samsung galaxy s6 tab is horizontal, we find the lock button, volume control in the upper left, and a microphone for calls. We see a magnetized area for the S-Pen and a module for nanoSIM and microSD cards on the right side.

samsung galaxy s6 tab

It is one of the most elegant tablets and devices, in general, that have passed through my hands. It is very comfortable vertically and horizontally thanks to a weight of 467 grams, it fits well in hand thanks to the rounded edges, and I love the feel of aluminum. I wish the phones were made of aluminum again (at least those without wireless charging).

Galaxy S6 tab with a cover that is not mandatory but worth having

samsung galaxy s6 tab

Whoever buys such a tablet puts a case on it. We can buy any model with generic issues, but Samsung has a special one that is worth it. It is not cheap since they are about 70 euros that must be paid separately, but the Book Cover is the ideal complement.

Galaxy Tab S6 does not add much thickness or weight, and in addition to protecting it, it has a magnetized front to turn on the screen, an area where we can leave the S-Pen, and two image areas to place the tablet on a surface in two different angles.

The best thing is, precisely, one of the things I liked the least about the keyboard cover of the Tab S6: the connection mode. On the “professional” tablet of the South Koreans, the tablet and the case were glued together with an adhesive. This time, it is a magnetized area. It is a more intelligent, more interesting, and, above all, “clean” solution since we had the “pro” tablet in two weeks. After removing it and putting it on, the sticky area of the case was filled with lint.

samsung galaxy s6 tab

Samsung Galaxy S6 tab parks the SuperAMOLED panel but does not disappoint either by resolution or by calibration

In addition to the S6 tab’s RAM and SSD storage, Samsung is good at creating screens. South Korean AMOLED panels are not only among the best on the market in the mobile field, but it shows when a third-party terminal carries a SuperAMOLED group. And it is appreciated.

The Tab S6 had a perfect SuperAMOLED panel, but on the Tab S6 Lite screen, we started to see the cuts to adjust the device’s price. Thus, we have a 10.4 “IPS screen with 2,000 x 1,200 pixels. We could say that it is FullHD + both vertically and horizontally and has 224 pixels, although suitable; in the latest models, Samsung is not that it let us configure too much the color palette. They proposed the factory calibration they create best for the device … and they only made us change a few parameters, so it was something to expect.

A more powerful processor is missing, but the Exynos 9611 delivers on just about everything.

On-screen, there is a cut compared to the Tab S6 model in terms of panel type, but it does not affect the experience too much. We see the most significant step in this tablet compared to the most pro model in the internal hardware. 

From the Snapdragon 855, we move on to the Exynos 9611, a 10-nanometer processor with eight cores that is more typical of the mid-range. Four of those cores are at 2.3 GHz, and the other, with lower consumption, is at 1.7 GHz. The set is accompanied by the Mali-G72 MP3 GPU (which already has its time) and 4 GB of RAM.

 Now, power is one thing, and it’s there, but not all users need the latest SoC for their day-to-day (memory, yes, the faster …, the better). These days, I have used Tab S6 for the following:

  • Content consumption (Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Spotify …)
  • Content creation (CMS in Chrome, IA Writer, drawing apps, and photo retouching …)
  • Web browsing and social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Chrome, Slack …)
  • Undemanding video games and streaming games with xCloud

For these tasks, the truth is that Tab S6 has performed wonderfully. As I said, some things are not as immediate as on a more robust and faster tablet (for example, multitasking is not as efficient, copying massive files and installing large apps takes longer), but daily. It measures up to edit texts, takes notes in virtual events, and consumes content.

S-Pen, a perfect complement to having fun and work

Samsung has been working with a stylus for generations, and it shows that they control both in design and performance regarding these companions that many consider essential.

Latest Android with OneUI 2.0 and apps for the S-Pen

 It does not come with the latest hardware, but we have good news about the software. The Tab S6 Lite has Android 10 as standard, which means it has the latest advancements from the Google system and the newest security patches.

Of course, it has GMS, so we can enjoy the Play Store and applications from both Google and third parties without making any adjustments to the system. On the other hand, the galaxy s6 tab has the OneUI 2.0 customization layer.

A practically compulsory camera

 In this section, there is not much to tell. The cameras on the Galaxy S6 tab are because they should be, and well, the rear ones are used to photograph a document or something at home to upload to networks at a specific time, but little else.

7,040 mAh that does not charge quickly but gives us 12 hours of screen

Seven millimeters thick, 7,040 mAh battery, are two figures that are surprising if they are placed next to each other. It is clear that the tablet can allow itself to be thinner than a mobile phone because the battery can be “flattened” to occupy more surface area with less thickness, but even so, the capacity of the Tab S6 Lite battery.

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