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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Analysis And Review

samsung galaxy s20 price

The Best

  • 120 Hz display
  • Hardware
  • Battery with fast charge
  • Zoom (up to 10X)

The Worst

  • Excessive weight
  • The 100X zoom claim
  • Monotonous finishes
  • High price

Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 range has landed in Spain. The Korean manufacturer was one of those who anticipated the Mobile World Congress. The presentation of its range of flagships for the year’s first half and the move was a complete success. Now, we are testing the highest-end model in its catalog. This article will discuss the Samsung galaxy s20 price and its specifications.

The first of the new Galaxy S20s to go through our test bench is the biggest. It is in size, benefits, and, everything is said, also in Samsung galaxy s20 price. We review the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Price

Samsung announces this Galaxy S20 Ultra as “the smartphone that will change photography.” In this aspect, it seems that the Korean brand finds a justification to value the Samsung galaxy s20 price. The starting price is 1,359 euros for its 128 GB version and 1,559.90 euros for the 512 GB version.

Will it be innovative enough to justify the Samsung galaxy s20 price? We discovered it throughout this review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G and Samsung galaxy s20 price.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra  
Dimensions 166,9 x 76 x 8,8 mm
Weight 220 g
Screen size 6,9 inch
Format 20:9
Panel Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O
Resolution WQHD+ (3.200 x 1.440px)
Notch No, hole in the screen for the camera
Processor Exynos 990 7nm 5G
– CPU octacore: 2xM5 2xCortexA76 4xCortexA55
– GPU: Mali G77
– NPU doble
Internal Memory 128 GB UFS 3.0 + microSD 
Operating  system Samsung ONE UI 2.0 (Android 10)
Battery 5.000 mAh
Adaptive Fast Charging (hasta 25W)
Camera rear 108 Mpx f/1.8 principal
12 Mpx f/2.2 gran angular
48 Mpx f/3.2 depth
Sensor ToF 3D

Vídeo hasta 8K
Camera front 40 Mpx f/2.2
Vídeo hasta 4K
Connectivity Wi-Fi 2,4 / 5 GHz
BT 5.0
DualSIM 5G
Price 1.359,00 €

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

  • Design: more extensive, heavier, and more Ultra than ever
  • Display: 120Hz refresh rate that tastes of glory
  • Performance: the capacity for what they throw at you
  • Software: Android 10 and an all-encompassing One UI layer
  • Cameras: three versatile sensors with which to control light over short distances
  • Battery: enough for the whole day despite its benefits
  • Connectivity: 5G and complete multimedia equipment
  • Conclusions: a very Ultra-mobile eclipsed by its price

More significant, more substantial, more ultra than ever

It is not surprising that Samsung has considered that the surname Plus falls short of designating the one who will be the standard-bearer of the Galaxy S20 range. And has opted for an even higher denomination.

The truth is that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is ultra, no matter where you look. Its size is ultra standing at a considerable 167 x 76 mm with a thickness of 8.8 mm.

samsung galaxy s20 price

Its weight is also ultra since it is positioned as one of the most massive smartphones in the current scene. It stands even above the Galaxy Note 10 Plus; although it is 220 grams, it remains 6 grams lighter than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Its main rival is in the high range. We can not deny that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a forceful smartphone in hand that imposes its spectacular presence and weight. That conveys the feeling of being a premium smartphone.

The Samsung galaxy s20 Ultra we are testing shows off the Cosmic Gray finish for tastes of the colors. It contrasts with the colorful chromatic range the previous generation offered and is almost monotonous compared to the general trend toward more striking finishes. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will also arrive in a Cosmic Black finish.

If we rotate it, all eyes will go directly to the huge camera module that mounts the Samsung galaxy s20 Ultra we are analyzing. A module that, without a doubt, has earned the name of ultra.

Samsung has abandoned the horizontal and centered layout the previous generation sported to opt for a square design and moved to the upper left corner of the back.

Its size is not only considerable due to the surface it occupies at the rear, but it is also considered due to its thickness since it protrudes a little more than 2 mm from the back. This volume and its asymmetric location make something as simple as trying to use it on a table or a flat surface impossible since the movement is constant with each screen press. Luckily, the protective case that Samsung has included comes to the rescue again to correct this problem.

The telephoto camera uses a system of periscopic lenses arranged perpendicular to the motherboard, so it is located at the bottom, occupying the entire width of this camera module. Above, it appears the inscription Space Zoom 100X that reminds us of the maximum zoom that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can achieve with this set of cameras and that we will take care of testing in its corresponding section.

samsung galaxy s20 price

At the top is the tray to install two SIM cards with 5G support or a SIM card and a microSD memory of up to 1 TB capacity. At the bottom end, we find the USB Type-C connector that serves as a fast-charging port and the bottom speaker slot.

There’s no sign of the dual front camera or the notch of previous generations. Instead, Samsung has opted for a small camera built into the screen and located in a centered position. As a whole, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra conveys the feeling of good finishes and quality of materials, reminding us that we are facing one of the best smartphones of all that will present during 2020.

samsung galaxy s20 price

A 120 Hz refresh screen that tastes of glory

One of the main novelties of this new Samsung Galaxy S20 range is the incorporation of a 6.9-inch screen capable of reaching a refresh rate of 120 Hz. IT, which a priori looks excellent, is not without some quotes that must be clarified. We are facing the most significant screen that Samsung has installed on a smartphone, with the permission of the Galaxy Fold. Yet, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has not lost an iota of usability.

Its large size and the excellent work of taking advantage of the frames have achieved a unique relationship between screen and body, which, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra that we are analyzing, stands at 89.9%. Indeed, it is not the best on the market, but it offers a very immersive use experience in these proportions. It is a Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O screen with a 20: 9 aspect ratio and a resolution that will not surprise anyone since it has a count of 3,200 x 1,440 pixels (WQHD +) with a density of 511 dpi. These are figures similar to those that the Galaxy S has been offering for several generations.

samsung galaxy s20 price

However, let’s look a little deeper into the screen configuration options. We discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra comes factory configured with a Full HD + resolution (2,400×1080 pixels) and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. At this point, the user must decide if they prefer to use a more fluid screen by raising the refresh rate to 120 Hz or have a resolution of 1440p, but in no case will both features be combined to obtain a refresh rate of 120 Hz in a recommendation from 1440p.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra banishes the concept of a dual front camera we saw in the previous generation and opts for a single camera integrated into the screen. Its size is tiny and centered on the smartphone’s axis, so its presence is not very intrusive; after a while of watching videos or playing, you don’t even notice it, and it goes unnoticed. So we applaud this Samsung solution to integrate the front camera.

In general terms, the experience of use offered by the screen adjusting at a rate of 120 Hz is merely spectacular and complemented by a 240 Hz touch recognition so that the response to screen press is instantaneous. It improves the fluid feeling of a screen in which we would stay to live. Having HDR10 + on a 6.9-inch screen incentivizes watching content on Netflix, enjoying an excellent dynamic range and well-achieved colors. The wide viewing angles of this screen are also noticeable, especially when viewing this type of content on public transport, in bed, or in a place where you cannot rest your phone on a stable surface.

Yield and freshness for what they give you

As is tradition, with the new Galaxy S range, Samsung opens a new generation of Exynos processors. This time the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is riding an Exynos 990, although it will arrive in some markets with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. In Europe, we receive the variant with the Exynos 990 processor. This vocabulary is dangerously close to the Huawei Kirin 990, with which you will have to measure your forces throughout the year.

It is a 7-nanometer processor with eight cores of different architectures: 2 Exynos M5 cores, 2 Cortex A76 cores, and 4 Cortex A55 cores. They combine to power the set in the most demanding tasks or optimize battery consumption when it has a lower workload. The new model of the chip with 12 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, and 16 GB of RAM in the 512 GB, without a novelty among premium range smartphones, provides enough fluidity to move a layer as heavy as One UI without compromise.

This standard gives you an extra fluidity in the transmission of data that, in our tests of reading and writing, has reached peaks of 1.3 GB / s. Something that, on the other hand, is necessary to accommodate the large photo and video files generated by a smartphone with camera features such as those found in the Samsung galaxy s20 Ultra.

Android 10 and an all-encompassing One UI layer

Samsung’s new flagship comes equipped with Android 10 camouflaged behind Samsung’s custom One UI 2.0 skin. The truth is that this layer of customization is so great that hardly a glimpse of the original interface of Android is recognized, finding exclusive options for Samsung devices in every corner of the system.

Don’t get us wrong, not that this is a negative point. Any contribution to the improvement in the use of the device is welcome. Still, there are so many options to configure that the user may be lost among their menus on more than one occasion, not knowing how to access such an opportunity or activate such others. The truth is that what started in 2018 as a “blur and new account” of Samsung Experience and previously TouchWiz increasingly resembles what it was trying to leave behind.

The last time I had the opportunity to test this system was a few months ago in the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. The truth is that there is a significant difference in performance and fluidity when running apps in that environment. And move windows around a screen with native 1440p support. Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can be used as a substitute for any computer to perform primary office, navigation, and even gaming tasks without too many compromises.

Three versatile cameras with which to control light over short distances

The third pillar on which this titan of smartphones is based is photography. And does so with several exciting proposals under the arm that we will test to find out if the lion is as fierce as they paint it.

When you click on any of them or slide your finger between them, the rest of the intermediate zoom modes appear. Between which the hybrid and digital steps alternate. Among them, of course, are the 30X and 100X methods.

The window displays a small window in the upper corner by activating these two modes. That makes it easier to focus on the scene.

To the right of these shooting modes, we find the More option. In ten additional shooting modes grouped with such exciting opportunities as the PRO mode, from which you can control all manual settings, Night mode, or camera modes slow and fast.

The first thing will be to know a little more about photographic equipment. That includes the flagship of Samsung for 2020. Under the imposing size of its camera module, we find the following characteristics:

  • The primary camera with a 1 / 1.33 “sensor with 108 megapixels. And an angular focal length with a fixed f / 1.8 aperture and optical stabilization.
  • Ultra wide-angle camera with a 120 ° viewing angle, 12-megapixel sensor, and f / 2.2 aperture.
  • A periscope-type telephoto lens with stabilized lenses, a 48-megapixel sensor, and an f / 3.5 aperture.
  • TOF 3D DepthVision sensor that measures the depth of scenes too. Among other things allows for a more accurate background blur.
  • 40-megapixel front camera with f / 2.2 aperture.

All-day battery, despite its performance

The reason why the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is not a smartphone with more compact dimensions is due to the large size of its battery. That, in this model, grows to 5,000 mAh. That makes it one of the brand’s giant cells, standing even ahead of that offered by the Galaxy Fold. In our tests, we have used a charger capable of delivering up to 60W using the USB-C PD standard. The results have not been much brighter than those obtained with the original charger in its box. So we will have to Acquire a 45W Samsung charger compatible with this mobile if we want a faster charge. Samsung’s new flagship also features wireless fast charging of up to 15W and can charge other phones or accessories. Such as the Samsung galaxy s20 Buds headphones with 9W power.

5G connectivity and complete multimedia equipment

It cannot deny that Samsung’s Galaxy S range has historically been well-equipped to provide maximum connectivity and quality sound fine-tuned by AKG. Samsung’s regular partner when it comes to devices released in recent years.

In this regard, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra does not disappoint offering stereo sound. However, the excellent frame compaction work that Samsung has done in this terminal leads you to wonder where the hell the audio from the top comes from.

It is a sticking point since the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra completely dispenses with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. So if you want to use wired headphones. You limit two options: use ones with a USB Type-C connector like those included. Or you use a USB Type C to 3.5mm jack adapter.

These tests indicate the infrastructure Vodafone (the only operator currently markets 5G in Spain) offers its 5G networks. These have not yet used the definitive frequency that will be released shortly without neglecting the wireless connectivity issue. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra offers support for Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi 6 (WiFi ax).

Samsung has included other exciting options to share audio and content between devices. Or to turn the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra into a kind of HUB to connect a speaker with several different phones.

A very Ultra-mobile that is somewhat overshadowed by its price

We come to the final section of this Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra analysis with mixed feelings regarding certain aspects. Although they could overlook a mobile at a lower price. They are unforgivable for one of the most expensive terminals on the market. Again with the permission of the folding ones.

Samsung carries several generations of conservative models in the Galaxy S range, starting with the design. In our humble opinion, the Samsung galaxy s20 Ultra should have let its hair down by betting on a riskier strategy. With more vital finishes such as those found in the Galaxy Note. Ten and not settle for lines that do not go beyond correct. If we have become ultra, let us be so in all respects.

In general terms, it is a smartphone that meets all that is expected of the mobile of its category. Still, it collides frontally with the psychological wall of being one of the most expensive mobiles for which users must pay Samsung galaxy s20 price starting from 1,359 euros. From that prism, all lights of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra acquire a different tone.

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