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Remote Workers Use These Apps & Devices During Office Hours

A year and a half into a global pandemic, work from home is still a popular practice for businesses. While some say that this has resulted in the rise of employee productivity, work-life balance has challenges.
As our homes are both our offices, leisure sites, and our safe-havens, a myriad of things awaits our attention at the same time. It is not only cooking, doing house chores, caring for our children and pets that are screaming for our attention. Besides that, an OfficeNeedle survey among 670 remote workers also found out which apps and devices remote workers use unrelated to their jobs during office hours.

The Biggest Distraction In The Form Of Mobile Phones

Telecommuting is what allows us to work from home while staying connected. Laptops, personal computers, and mobile phones help us do so. But, besides using them to get work done, they can also divert our attention elsewhere.
Almost six in 10 participants (56%) of the survey say their mobile phones are the biggest distraction from work. The further insight into what remote workers do unrelated to work during office hours tells us in which ways they use their mobile phones.

Remote Workers

From social media apps, apps for instant messaging, to Netflix, video games, phone and video calls, remote workers have endless ways of doing things unrelated to work on their mobile phones.

The Use Of Phone & Video Calls

Keeping private life separate from work can be tough with incoming calls from people unrelated to work who call us in the middle of our office hours. It is no surprise that around 14% of remote workers find incoming calls as their biggest distraction while working from home.
Thirty-one percent of all the participants said they spend under 30 minutes on phone calls and video calls that are not related to their work. For 7% of them, these calls take more than an hour of the working day.

How Much Time Spent On Social Media Apps?

An extension to mobile phones, social media apps have different ways of keeping us connected to others. They are a regular part of most people’s lives and use for both business and private purposes.
When asked about social media they use that has nothing to do with their work tasks, here is what the surveyed participants said.
A quarter of them (25%) spend under half an hour on social media when they suppose to be working from home. Another 30% spend more than half an hour but less than an hour on social media. Finally, 28% of them spend more than one hour of their working day on social media.

Wondering which social media is the most popular for procrastination? Remote workers disclosed they use Facebook (66% of them), Instagram (52% of them), and Youtube (48% of them) the most. But, Twitter (24%), TikTok (14%), and Snapchat (12%) are also used. This tells us that one remote worker uses more than one social media app unrelated to work while working from home.

Not only do social media apps receive a lot of attention during office hours. Remote workers also use other apps on their mobile phones. The most popular among them are instant messaging apps. According to half of the survey takers.

Remote Workers

Around 40% of them also use shopping apps during office hours. Also, 35% of them spend some time on gaming apps on their mobile phones, laptops, and PCs. Educational apps are popular among 30% of the remote workers who took the survey.

Diving Into The Video Games Realms

Around one in three survey participants spends some part of their work-from-home hours playing video games. They do it either on their phones, PCs, or consoles. Most of the age between 25 and 40 years. Finally, 43% of them are male.
Out of all the participants who said they play video games, 42% do so for more than 30 minutes but less than one hour. Another 42% do so for more than one hour.

The Use Of On-Demand Streaming Services

Binge-watching series and films seem to have crept their way into our homes during office hours, according to 55% of remote workers.
Out of the 55%, 34% spend over one hour watching Netflix and other such providers when they should be working instead. Also, 10% do so for under half an hour, while 10% spend 30 minutes to one hour watching Netflix.

Going Offline

There is nothing sweeter than being able to switch off at the end of the working day, by turning off your PC and laptop. But what about going offline in the middle of a work-from-home shift? Remote workers seem to be doing it.
According to the survey, 23% of all remote workers sometimes change their status offline on Zoom, Slack, Skype, and other platforms. Out of the 23%, only six percent do so every day.

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