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How to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone

If you are the victim of the lost data. If you forgot your most essential data in any case, which is on your android phone. And you want to recover deleted files or data back. There is a procedure to recover deleted files or get back your crucial mobile data. Although there are too many ways to recover your mobile deleted data. But most of these are unauthentic, and most of these are invalid procedures for data recovery. Therefore the Wisesofttech decided to provide an authentic and efficient way to recover your data. Now you can improve your essential files and documents of your android device.

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted Files from Android without Root?

Most companies develop software for this purpose. There are hundred of the ways which are unauthentic for this purpose. Therefore we are informed you ignore and don’t use this software and procedure for this purpose because all these are fake ways. Now we are telling you that there is no way to recover your data, which was your android device without rooting your phone. You must have to root your device to improve your deleted data from your android device. And if you want to get back your deleted file again, then you should have to root your device. Otherwise, it is not possible to recover your deleted data. Although the android doesn’t have the recycle box so it can not store the deleted item anywhere on the phone, therefore we have to connect with a computer or android device. So the laptop explores our deceive properly using the software.

Recover Deleted Files from Android Procedure

First, you have to download and install FonePaw Android Data Recovery software. They are developed and established for data recovery from android devices. It can recover deleted data from various types of android devices. It can recover from on Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, OnePlus, AUSU, ZTE, and more. There is an international level software for data recovery. It is the world’s most papular software, and many countries people are using this software for the improvement of deleted data.

STEP 1. Connect Android to PC

First, you have to install and run phone memory recovery for android on your computer. Then you have to connect your phone with your computer after this your machine will take some access to your phone, make better communication with your android device. After the mobile connects with the equipment, you have to follow the instructions which display on the screen.

STEP 2. Choose File Types to Recover

Once your mobile connects with a computer, then you have to choose the file type to recover. This software will provide you with so many brands and options of data to recover from your android device. Then you have to delete your demanded data type to recover. When you clicked on the file type, then the computer takes some time to search and maintain the full library of the phone. When it completes its search, you have to click on the Next button.

STEP 3. Install FonePaw App to Get Permissions

Then the computer will ask you to install the Fonepaw app. Follow the instructions and install this app to make complete access for the recovery because of the grant privileges for the program to access files in your android. Then your computer will get the access to recover your all type of data which deleted in your android device. Therefore you have to follow all the instructions of equipment to make this software installed to improve your data safe and sound. Although there is no need to worry because it is very much reliable in the purpose your all files and documents will remain safe and secure.

STEP 4. Get the Privileges to Scan Deleted Files

recover deleted files

After installation of this software, then a pop up will appear on the screen. In this pop-up, it will ask you to allow access for contacts, messages, storage, call logs to scan out deleted files. You have to give access to the computer. Because this is part of recovery, these things may use in the process of healing. So if you want to recover your files, which deletes from the android device, then tap on the Allow and then click on the Scan. Then it will provide your data. It will check every single device data library to find out your data.

Step 5. Check Deleted Files Under Standard Scan

recover deleted files

When you clicked on the Scan, then it will do a standardized scan. After a few minutes, it will show you the first Scan. In this standard Scan, you have to find your data, which do you want to get it back in your android device. It will show you all the new and old all the data which is deleted or not deleted from your machine. If you want to scan for some more, then it will give you the Deep Scan option. In this deep Scan, it will check the so many years old data deleted. It will show that data is removed, which is a year back. Then there is a 100% chance that you will get back your information which deletes from your phone.

STEP 6. Recover Deleted Files from Android Under Deep Scan

recover deleted files

If you found your deleted files under deep Scan. Then you have to select these files to get them back. When you decided these files to restore and click on the ON button to recover. To click the ON button, it will automatically select these files to retrieve. After clicking on the one, you have to click on the Recover button. then the computer will automatically recover the data that you want to improve and make it restore at the same location from where it deleted. After following all this instruction, you will get your information safely.


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